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  1. Detecting Buddies
  2. Northern Colorado Group Hunts
  3. We always welcome other Hunters
  4. whites classic id sl
  5. Boulder Colorado trip
  6. Ever get to Nova Scotia....we love company
  7. I'd like to get a hunt for anyone in the CT or MA area
  8. hunting in Illinois
  10. Ghost towns of the east-group hunts
  11. Anyone in or near the Slidell La area?
  12. Anybody else in East central Indiana or West central Ohio?
  13. Anyone in the Collinsville Il area?
  14. Anyone near Winston Salem, NC
  15. West Texas Area...
  16. NW PA, NE OH, or SW NY?
  17. Baltimore detectorists??
  18. Ft. McCoy Wisconsin area:huh:
  19. California Cache Hunter
  20. Anyone Near Everett Washington?
  22. anyone like to hunt in the tampa bay area?
  23. Dallas (North/Northeast) Texas
  24. Columbia SC
  25. anybody around north georgia?
  26. My wifes big mouth
  27. Minnesota
  28. Oregon Area Hunters
  29. Fauquier County, VA
  30. anyone around daytona bch fl. area
  31. In the Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois...
  32. Gold Coast Treasure Hunters - Simi Valley CA
  33. Okies??
  34. Northeast Maryland
  35. anyone From Long Island New York
  36. I'm from Quincy MA anybody close:huh::huh:
  37. Naples FL
  38. woodstock ga
  39. mid to western iowa ??
  40. Anybody in the Jackson, Michigan area
  41. Northern Michigan
  42. Deleware Beaches or Jersey
  43. Hunting Island Area
  44. South Haven, Michigan - Van Buren County HB wanted....
  45. Hi from Green Bay WI. Looking for someone to hunt with.
  46. Southern New Hampshire/Eastern Massachusetts
  47. Frederick Co. Maryland
  48. Hunting Pals
  49. MD buddy - Live Oak, Lake City Florida
  50. Looking for a hunty buddy in the Hopedale MA area.
  51. Wed Group Hunt in Illinois
  52. Phoenix AZ Looking for Metal Detecting Buddy!!
  53. Looking for a hunting buddy in Bristol, CT area
  54. I'm in Eastern NC. Anyone close
  55. Thanks Dan and George
  56. I'm here in Highlands Ranch Colorado
  57. anyone in the Aiken SC or Augusta GA area
  58. kingston illinois
  59. any offers
  60. Reno Nevada?
  61. Looking for a hunting buddy
  62. Los Angeles , California buddy hunt
  63. Need company on a search.
  64. Hunting Buddy in Bath, NY/steuben County New York
  65. Anyone live near the Waterford, Mi. area?
  66. Anyone live in Birmingham, Alabama?
  67. Anybody in Sonoma County want to tag up for hunting?
  68. new to MD'ing
  70. West Tennessee
  71. L a Crosse Wisconsin
  72. Any delaware or north delaware md out there??
  73. anybody fancy a few hours hunting ?
  74. Florida Keys MM74 2 days
  75. southeastern michigan
  76. hunting buddy
  77. friday 20th
  78. looking for detecting buddy. have three civil war camps 2 union, 1 confederate
  79. Eastern N.C. Retired & need hunting buddy
  80. Group hunt in Central Iowa?
  81. Gettin' ready in Mass
  82. group hunt in detroit
  83. Southern New Mexico looking for detecting partners.
  84. Connecticut
  85. Cincinnati / Hamilton area?
  86. hunt anyone ?
  87. metro detroit hunt
  88. southeaster ct looking
  89. Central Alabama
  90. Anyone in Southeast Mississippi?
  91. Willimantic CT area for Nov 3
  92. looking for hunting buddy in Northern Va
  93. Big Thank You!
  94. will travel to cw sites any pals swinging is a good one
  95. Still looking for a buddy to hunt with Greenville, Spartenburg , Spartenburg SC
  97. Looking for fellow hunters to swing with in the Chattanooga, TN area!
  98. hunting buddy
  99. looking for northern illinois hunting buddy starting march 1st
  100. hunting partner missouri
  101. west michigan
  102. planned trips to ft donelson tn. bentonville, birmingham, mass, md, florisa, haw
  103. Philadelphia, PA
  104. Anyone from the Pacific Northwettest?
  105. Springfield Ohio area
  106. Itching to get out - Central Iowa
  107. anyone ?
  108. Any Staten Island NY MD's out there?
  109. anyone fancy a hunt
  110. mid coast maine
  111. hunting tomorrow
  112. Bradford, NY
  113. amybody in southern wisconsin want to hunt?
  114. Mississippi or Louisiana?
  115. desperate help needed in Texas
  116. Merrimac, Wisconsin
  117. Anyone in Western Pa:huh:thinkingabout:?
  118. Lets get this eastern iowa hunt going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Hello from Puerto Rico!
  120. Anyone in western Massachusetts?
  121. detecting today.
  122. Tri-State Corner Area Folkes, PA - NY - North NJ
  123. Gold Coast Treasure Hunters - Simi Valley CA
  124. I'll be in Sembach, GE for 3 weeks in August (with e-trac)!
  125. help for eastern tn
  126. Looking for a hunting buddy in the High Point/Thomasville area of NC
  127. Hunting buddy
  128. central kansas
  129. South Central Oregon
  130. fairfield county Ct
  131. Just moved from NH to South Carolina
  132. anyone want to hunt today ?
  133. New England
  134. anyone off today and fancy a hunt ?
  135. Lafayette, Indiana here
  136. Hunting Buddy for Cypress, TX
  137. last day before oregon , anyone want to hunt today ?
  138. Natchez mississippi
  139. hunting friday if anyones interested ?
  140. hunting buddy in giroy california, or close.
  141. need new places to detect in ct
  142. Looking for a hunting buddy this Friday. Will be driving through Riley North Carolina Richmond Virgi
  143. looking for hunting buddy central / northern illinois
  144. Looking for hunting buddy, Rochester NH area
  145. hunting tomorow (tuesday) if anyones interested.
  146. hunting buddie
  147. well it aint to cold , anyone fancy a hunt ?
  148. Panama City Beach, Fl
  149. Anyone near Weiden in Der Oberfaltz/Grafenwoehr/Vilseck?
  150. Tucson AZ looking for hunting buddies
  151. Detecting NJ
  152. gona head out today
  153. monday hunt ? fancy it ?
  154. Diggin in middle Tenn.
  155. Places to detect in Winston-Salem North Carolina
  156. Anyone in Richmond Va area?
  157. Ventura County CA - Gold Coast Treasure Hunters
  158. Anybody free last week of March ?
  159. Sw ar
  160. SE Michigan Detecting club
  161. Eastern Tennessee
  162. WV Eastern Panhandle
  163. Always looking for people to hunt with in Abq, New Mexico
  164. Any Iowa guys want to meet me on RAGBRAI this year? I'll have my e-trac!
  165. Anyone in or near oconee county, South Carolina....
  166. Western Tennessee
  167. West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia Metal Detecting Club
  168. Locust Grove, NE Oklahoma hunters?
  169. Hazleton, pa
  170. Janesville, Wisconsin hunt
  171. Indiana
  172. Levittown, Pa
  173. Reading, MA
  174. Somerset Kentucky area
  175. hunt today ?
  176. Isle of Palms SC
  177. Savannah, GA
  178. Day off Friday- anyone in CT area up for a hunt?
  179. Looking for guidance in CT
  180. Partner Wanted for Waco TX area
  181. Bend, Oregon 6/29 - 7/5
  182. Saint Louis area.
  183. Dallas, TX in October
  184. who just called me ???
  185. WesternMA/Northern CT
  186. Up for a hunt or two?
  187. Piedmont NC
  188. anyone up for a hunt ?
  189. whos up for it ?
  190. got me new detector, now i want to use it....hunt anyone ?
  191. 5 person detecting party,dancing,music,light refreshment....ok im kidding.
  192. Itching to get out tomorrow
  193. detecting today ?
  194. swinging today
  195. me and bri going hunting today
  196. Anyone hunting Phoenix?
  197. tomorrow
  198. Anybody up for a hunt?
  199. last day of warm weather....dig em if you got em.
  200. Anyone up for a hunt this weekend?
  201. Getting out Friday
  202. Tyler/Longview Texas Area
  203. anyone up for a hunt today
  204. New York/ New Jersey Border Rockland and Bergen counties
  205. AnnArbor MI area
  206. looking to end the year & start the new year with some hunts
  207. Hunting the philly area?
  208. Any one out there from the South Carolina area?
  209. Anyone in Westchester or Fairfield County?
  210. Waco TX area
  211. Winston Salem
  212. college station buddies
  213. In Falmouth Mass area June 14th thru the 19th, hoping to get together with somebody
  214. Any one in Iceland Metal Detecting ?
  215. Naples Florida Beach Hunt
  216. Punta Cana
  217. Mebane, NC
  218. Hello from Chicopee,MA.
  219. Lookin to hunt with somebody up my way
  220. Wisconsin Friends
  221. hunting sunday
  222. huntanyone ?
  223. alexandria VA
  224. Southern ct
  225. Moving soon
  226. South Central Ky.
  227. its thursday and im going hunting
  228. anyone up for a hunt ?
  229. hunting wednesday
  230. Lincoln UK
  231. Albany NY
  232. Looking for any1 near atlanta, ga
  233. Hunting Buddy - RTP, North Carolina and surrounding areas
  234. Cedar Rapids IA?
  235. Looking for a TH'ing buddy in the Wilmington, NC area
  236. NW Wisconsin?
  237. Call to SE Wi, NE Ill. possible site
  238. Looking for Christian Hunting Buddy in SW Missouri around Purdy
  239. Calling all from the lower SC..
  240. Heading out East!
  241. Looking for anyone around Greenville Georgia
  242. Anyone in western North Carolina or Eastern Tennessee
  243. Anyone near Brewton Alabama
  244. Looking for any diggers in Middle TN, Central KY, & Southern to Central Ill.
  245. Avon/Farmington area?
  246. Wagoner County Area???
  247. Anyone in the Albany NY area?
  248. Road Trip to Connecticut
  249. dirtyknees
  250. CIVIL WAR camp sites in Ar.La. ?