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07-15-2012, 07:00 AM
This guy (Jack) had just bought a used metal detector at a local yard sale. Nothing fancy, but it worked. His brother in-law (James of 25 years detecting experience) took him out for his 2nd hunting trip. James explained the importance of going slow and using proper coil control and off they went. Well back to the story, the gentleman (James) with 25 years experience went ahead of him to demonstrate proper technic and Jack followed swinging the cheap detector. Not more than 30 minutes into the hunt, Jack came upon a pair of sun glasses that James had failed to pickup or move out of the way. Well not picking them up he kicked them out of his path and swung over the area and got a very low volume beep. Thinking it was most likely a piece from the glasses he stopped to investigate a little closer. He said the signal was very small and unless the coil was in just the right position he could not hear the faint beep. After several minutes of work he finally located the target, a gold clasp of a chain, gently pulling he found it was buried stretched out about 1/4 below the ground. After recovering the full length necklace they all tried their detectors and were amazed at the fact only the clasp could be heard and one of the machines could not find it all. I must add all the detectors used were from the very low end of what we would consider todays standard machine. Final note, Jacks wife became the owner and wearer of a nice gold necklace.
Moral of this story, swing the coil anywhere you can safely reach.
Hope all enjoyed this little story.

07-16-2012, 06:45 AM
I was showing a friend one day how to avoid junk. I hit a target and everytime I moved, the numbers would change. So I told him,See , this is probably a bottle top or a piece of pipe. I'll dig it just to show you I'm right. Boy, was I'm embarrassed, and suprised. You just never know. Now evertime I hit a strange target, he says, another RR lock.

07-16-2012, 09:19 AM
I have heard that finding a chain (gold) is very hard to do because of the openess of the links. You stated that only the clasp was heard. Seeing that I have never found a gold chain this is only hear say.