View Full Version : Fisher F5 version 2

08-03-2012, 11:26 PM

That's my new toy! thumbsup01 A Fisher F5 version 2, like some called them... Version 2 because the coil is a screw-in instead of the first version push-in

Now learning that machine since Thursday... Been out twice with it.

Must say that first hunt, I just get the stuff out of the box, assembled it, put some batteries in it and go... No need to say that my setting weren't optimum... Gain, ground balance, threshold... Many new options that I don't have on my BH Discovery 2200...

Anyway... I tried to set it up acording to the booklet distributed with it for my second hunt... Did go hunt an hour at the Old school... Found some good targets. Targets that I may missed with my BH... Found a chain (may be silver, have to test it) an a silver ring plus 1.26 of modern coins.

08-04-2012, 08:50 PM
Try setting the gain between 65-80, press the phase lock button and pump the coil up and down about 6 times over a clean' spot of ground, then set the threshold from 0 to a -3( depending on electrical interference and the ground conditions).
You should be able to find items at least 5-7 inches deep.