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leslie(nova scotia)
09-15-2012, 12:57 PM
Lazily the waves drifted ashore. It seemed to be an effort, a lackadaisical effort leaving the shore line and slowly making it's way back to sea to form a cue for another endless journey. The sky was proud that day . A mosaic of color hung out on a canvass for all to enjoy while clouds drifted effortlessly , puffing out, forming billowing shapes that only one's imagination could conjure.

The beach was mine to enjoy. A present signifying the last swish for the year. The detector was powered up immediately displaying it's eagerness to begin the swish. The low pulsing sound of the Seahunter. The sound of a sou'wester. The sound of the gulls overhead. Bliss. Narvonic. The cool ocean waves of the Atlantic engulfing my legs, my knees.............that was devine. A faint signal. The sieve plunged into the oceans bottom. A relic of a night of fun. The Keith's bottle cap was deposited in my bag. Swirling around me the water continued to feel refreshing, creeping up between my body and the wet suit. Another hit. More resounding than the first...........another bottle cap. The swishing zone was not impaired. The bliss continued. Coins of the realm appeared in my bucket. Newly deposited by some one challenging the domain of the sea.

Thoughts came easy. The pulse of the Seahunter continued. Mind wandered. England! Vacation! Knee repairs. Life is good...made good by the grace of the &quot:beerbuddy:ig Guy in the sky. A hobby honed by countless hours of pure delight, finds and friends the by product. When will it end? I am selfish. Like the waves................I never want it to end. But like all that is produced we too have an expiry date.
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Fire Fighter 43
09-15-2012, 01:32 PM
Nice hunt, WTG |:cheering: