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12-30-2012, 08:22 AM
I have a tendency to rant for hours on end, so I'll just be short and to the point. I'm a complete amateur, and all I truly want is to go around my family lands hiking, and play with an MD, perhaps finding something interesting. Where I go there are no pulltabs and coke cans, and I am willing to dig up anything I detect, even junk. The ground is not heavily mineralized either. I don't mind about the value of the find, just the quantity, which I assume means more depth would be better. The choice I have locally is:

Fisher F2 with 8 and 4 inch coils, and Pinpointer FLV
Teknetics Alpha 2000 with 8 inch coil FLV

and something interesting I am being offered, an Guartel MD8+ military mine and metal detector. It's a PI detector, and I was researching a bit, but would like to hear an opinion from someone truly experienced.

Thank a bunch, as any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Kind regards.

Cheap Thrills
12-30-2012, 04:54 PM
Welcome to the forum , I know nothing of the Guartel PI or the Tek Alpha . I recently bought a F2 for my Grandson which I've tried out a few times . It came with the 8+4 coil .It's light , meter is easy to read and fairly accurate , depth is comparable to many detectors costing more ,very quick recovery and pleasant tones . I would definitely try to get one with warranty because I've been reading the repairs can be a bit costly .Only bummer I found with it is the coil wire can be a bit of a chore to screw on to the control box .Many people use this detector as their primary detector and are quite happy with it . I've read only a couple of posts not favorable to it . Happy New Year!!

Best of luck with your choice and Happy Hunting , :detecting: thumbsup01

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