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04-29-2013, 09:52 PM
So i know a few of you have experience with this unit... I have a prime location to hunt built 1818 bt a very wealthy family in the town i grew up in... the house was condemned when i was a kid as a scumbag family bought it in the 80's and ran it into the ground.. the new owner tore down the house and made it a big lawn in the early 90's and has posted signs every 10 feet but he loves me so i have sole permission to MD there but heres the issue...

The property sits on the corner of 2 roads and there is 3 phase power lines on 2 side of the property... I cant even get the machine to ground right unless im 30+ feet from either line :confused: Thats gonna be the primo area... the front door and wrap around porch was within 15 feet of both lines.... am i screwed? or is there a way to get it so the lines dont interfere as much?

Thanks in advance!

08-28-2013, 02:18 PM
I ran an F4 for a while great machine for coin shooting. Have you tried to turn the sensitivity down a bit? I hunted around an area that dates pre 1800's and there are high tention lines that run through the area I had to drop Sen. down to about half. It may or may not help. Good luck.

08-28-2013, 10:09 PM
ive got one and use it all the time , i have the same problem as you do with power lines.
all i do is turn ground balence right down, switch the machine on and hit discriminate once , this will bring in the 2 iron rejects you dont want.
now then, this has down sides .
1) you tend to get a lot of hits that only come in one direction so dig it all ok.
2)keep your detector moving at all times , the moment you stop, the power lines start to play a factor again.
useing this method recently ive dug a few mercs right under power lines and a walking liberty half with the power lines 10ft away and the ground full of iron.
this is tiresome i know but it will pay off.
hope this is some help.