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01-03-2019, 12:58 PM
Sorry I haven't posted in quite a long time. Had achilles surgery (complete tear) earlier in the year and work got in the way. This past year was mostly spent at an old (for SE WI) 1876 property. About 2 acres that I went over with my CTX3030 standard coil and AT Pro with Storm coil. Most items were found at 10-12" deep. I am going to ask the owner to bulldoze the top layer of grass/soil down 12" so I can detect it again. :)

Some interesting finds:

Old iron key
Kjer Kiss perfume bottle from 1910-1930s
late 1800s Navy button. Too bad it was folded over right at the anchor. I tried to bend back but it was corroded.
WWII General Service button
Heel plate?? Not sure on this one.
Almost full harmonica with metal cover plate
1910 slot machine token (didn't know they existed back then)
Silver ring
Copper wedding band (best guess). My grandmother had one similar to what I found.
Hitching post guide
The U shaped item with the flat front - I have no idea what this is. Any help would be great.
Bunch of wheat pennies, barber dime and quarter. Couple mercs. Not shown.

I have the barn area yet to do. Loaded with iron as you can imagine.

01-03-2019, 05:03 PM
Hey, Badgers! Very cool!!
I'd guess that's not a heel plate as it looks more ferrous than nonferrous...but I'm no expert. The 5th pic down looks really interesting...like it has some age to it. Is it hand made? I'm so glad your foot is good to go and you're back at it. :thumbsup02: