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Ill Digger
07-10-2023, 09:21 PM
Recently got my "Harlow Flyer" type Celtic quarter stater that I found in England, back in 2019, immortalized in ink!

Both sides. Obverse side is on the top of my left forearm, and the reverse side is directly opposite, on the inside of my left forearm.

Full Metal Digger
07-11-2023, 07:23 AM
Looks good Tim. Now that you have the tattoo as a reminder, you probably don't need the coin anymore. I'll pick it up next time I am in town! Danke!

Tony Two-Cent
07-11-2023, 08:17 AM
That's hard core, Tim! :yes:

Full Metal Digger
07-12-2023, 10:45 AM
Looks pretty good if you ask me! Way to go, Tim!