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03-16-2011, 07:38 PM
Took the AT Pro to a park area that used to be the location of a German gun club. They held picnics, competition shooting matches and general target practice there. A 8 foot tall hill of dirt with different targets placed all over the hill to shoot at, were used.

As I was mostly looking for lead bullets and possible discarded casings I dug every signal. And I tell you.... there sure were lots of signals to get. The AT Pro got them all...even the ones right next to each other. I had been to this area before with my other detectors and no way did they do such a great job of separating all the targets, like this Garrett.
pic 1----the trash

I dug some clad.
pic 2-- the clad

a few lead bullets from rifles and 2 wheat cents.....

pic 3--lead and wheats

I did manage to dig 2 old rifle casings. The 250 3000 S A Corp---Savage Arms and discontinued about 1940.
and a WRA Co. 32 40 Winchester Repeating Arms 32 40 rifle.
Both were used for about a 200 yard target and were very accurate at that range. A couple of perfect rifles for competition shooting matches.

pic 4 --casings

03-16-2011, 09:20 PM
The reviews of your hunts are great.. :beerbuddy:..Really like them.....Looks very good...Congrats..... :happydance01: