View Full Version : Tip for New V3i users

03-26-2011, 10:09 PM
As everyone with a new V3i knows there are a bunch of adjustments that can be made with this machine. Although most will start out with factory programs and then move to custom programs, you will more then likely do some adjusting within the factory programs.

There are settings in some programs that are not on the live controls so you will need to go to the expert menu to change them.

It seems like the biggest complaint from new users is when they change something it may not be what they needed to change or it didn't do what they wanted and decide to change it back but can't remember where it was in the expert menu.

When I change something whether it be in Audio, filters, configuration or whatever it may be when you click on the catergory you get sub catergories and on some items more sub catergories then you get to your setting you want to change.

The trick is : When you change your setting don't close the sub catergory. After you make your change just pull the trigger a couple of times to go to search mode and if you are not satisfied with the change hit menu twice and go back into the expert menu and your sub catergories are opened just where you left them.

It makes it a lot easier when your new and are not fimiliar with where everything is at.

Sometimes i have changed two or three things at one time that wasn't on the live controls and had sub catergories opened up in three areas. It will help a new user remember where thnigs are at and lesson the chance of having trouble finding it again.

For experienced users i can see it as a time saver in the field making adjustments.

Hope this helps.

03-27-2011, 09:52 AM
Great tip Kid! You can also use the Bookmarks function. I find myself using the above method that you mentioned however. I lock my V3 into the Expert menu permanently using the setting in the Configure menu. From the live search screen I just have to hit the Menu button once and it puts me right back where I made the adjustments.