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05-30-2011, 01:28 PM
Howdy Folks!
Here is a video, with some photos, taken at Sapulpa Oklahoma where we enjoyed the Indian Territory Treasure Hunter's Club annual open competition hunt.

Day one was hot, above 90 degrees, and the humidity left me dripping wet all day long. Being from a semiarid state, it was tough on me! But I did pretty good anyhow, and got 2 silver Morgan dollars and a gold coin out of the deal, so ain't gonna complain much about things like weather.

For the first time in competition, I helped a few other folks find their targets when they were purely unable to find them. Using my DX-1 probe, I was able to come down right on top of their target so they could reach under the probe tip and fetch up the target. Some of those folks said I gotta get me one of them things! Guess I should ask for commission from Sun Ray or something.

Anyhow, here is the video, and some photos for your enjoyment.

My take was:
106 wheat pennies, not including what I turned in for prizes.
16 Mercury dimes, not including those I turned in for prizes.
1 silver round, .999 pure silver, 1 full troy ounce of silver.
2 Morgan silver dollars (both dated 1921, hence, Denver mint)
1 gold dos peso Mexican coin.

In addition, I came home with 106 wheat pennies and 16 Mercury dimes.
Prizes won for finding marked coins also included a $20 dollar bill, a $25 roll of Susan B. Anthony dollar coins, and a $20 Lowe's gift card.

Not shown in the video were three tokens I turned in at a local dealer who took them in trade. Each token was worth $2.50, and I got a book about hunting gold in the raw.

Hope you enjoy this video.

Indian Territory.mp4 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuZS66ZTpZU#)


05-30-2011, 02:44 PM
Dang, nice job! I've never done any club events or seeded hunts, but they sure don't spare any expense!

05-30-2011, 03:40 PM

Nice Job!! Congrats on a great Hunt!! Happy Hunting!!

05-30-2011, 10:08 PM
Great hunt Mel |:confused:) |:confused:) Did you at least leave them some zincolns?? lol Congrats on the big silvers and the real sweet gold coin. Looks like a heck of a club hunt!!

05-31-2011, 12:18 AM
One thing I noticed was how fast those hunters were swinging the coils. martin

05-31-2011, 04:45 AM
One thing I noticed was how fast those hunters were swinging the coils. martin

Howdy Martin!
Yeah! It's a competition, so speed is necessary to find the most stuff.
If you spotted me in there, I was swinging pretty darn fast myself.

Not too many folks bested me in the field. Just one guy, and I'll be gunning for him in the future.
He got better than me in each of the 4 hunts I competed in. If I found 1 gold coin, he found three.
If I got 2 Morgans, he got three. If I got 1 silver round, he got two. He's been doing these things
much longer than me, but now I aim to best him next time I see him on the field. He's good, I can
tell ya that! Real good. Just gives me incentive to get better so I can beat him at least on some hunts.

Anyhow, you gotta be fast to get the goodies. With all those other hunters on the field, all wanting
the same targets as me, the faster a guy can cover ground, and cover more of it, the better his chance of winning stuff. Fast to cover ground, fast to pinpoint targets, fast to dig them up and fast to move on to the next target. That's part of the fun of the thing. Ya just gotta move quick because those targets get nailed quick.

In the silver bullion hunt, there was only like 12 targets on the field for more than 30 hunters. Odds of any particular hunter finding one is like 2 to 1 against. There were only 12 gold coins, and again, more than 2 to 1 odds against finding one of the marked coins. Plenty of others were on the field, so you just couldn't ignore any signal. The odds against getting a Morgan were also pretty steep. Many a hunter went home without gold, without Morgans, and without taking any prizes. The competition is fierce, and those coils swing quick.

I'm just happy that I scored in each of my hunts and got the goods. I'd have hated to drive almost 700 miles to come up empty! That'd have made for a long, sullen 700 mile drive back!


05-31-2011, 12:02 PM
What detector and coil was that guy you spoke about using? Something tells me that the equipment is really important in these competition hunts. Take my V3i compared to my 5900. The swing speed on the 5900 looks about the same as your group's swing speed. If I out the V3i at those speeds, I could pretty much forget about hearing anything, unless there are certain settings needing made, single frequency instead of 3 freqs maybe. I laugh a little when I think about it though. You hunters in that video looked like the camera went to fast forward on playback when the hunt began. I humor easily ;-) martin

06-04-2011, 06:15 PM

06-05-2011, 10:06 AM

Howdy Pardner!
Once upon a time, I had a really great answer to that question. They listed competition hunts at the Lost Treasure website. But looking at it now, they just don't have anything much on that site. http://www.losttreasure.com/calendar

Since I participated in the Indian Territory hunt last year, they sent me an invite to this year's. Same for the Nebraskaland Treasure Hunter's competition hunt coming up later this month. I did the hunt last year, so I got a flyer in the mail inviting me back to this year's. Also from last year, I attended the Three River's Hunt but didn't get notified of this year's, so I missed out on that one.

So now it has become a cumbersome thing to find those competition hunts. I don't know of any slick method to find out about them. I will look at websites for clubs that hosted hunts in previous years to see if they have plans for the upcoming year. Mokan Treasure Hunter's Club has a terrific open competition hunt in September, but I haven't seen anything on that one. So, guess I'll visit their site to see if they're doing one this coming September. Theirs is held in Lathrop Missouri.

Sorry I can't give you a better answer, but it bothers me that info isn't being provided through previously reliable sources. There were a couple of hunts in Indiana last year that I'd like to try this year, but nothing has been posted that I've found so far.

Good luck in finding some, but the number of entries is declining. Maybe because word isn't getting out.


06-05-2011, 09:45 PM
Thanks M-T . I'll do some searching. If you hear of any thing around KY let me know.


06-06-2011, 08:14 AM
What detector and coil was that guy you spoke about using? Something tells me that the equipment is really important in these competition hunts.

Howdy Martin!
The guy who bettered me in each of the hunts was swinging a V3i with a Bigfoot coil.
And yeah, the gear you carry into competition can surely make a tremendous difference.
Difficult to believe as it seems, many did not have pinpointing probes. I helped several other
hunters to locate coins when they just couldn't nail their target down. Using my DX-1, I'd
come down directly on top of the coin, and tell them to reach under the tip to get their target.
Ultimately, they'd say something like Golly gee willakers... I gotta get me one of them things!