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01-17-2010, 09:13 PM
So how do you gear up when you go hunting? Show us your your stuff! let's see, or hear how you hit the field, and the accessories you use to find the good stuff. I 'll get things started...

Left Side

Left to right.

1. My left front pocket of my jeans is where all the clad and interesting junk finds go.

2. The keeper pouch. This is a LowPro CAMO Camera case. Here is where the good stuff goes. Also contained in this pouch is my cell phone, 1:blackeye: magnification loop, and folded up kitchen size trash bag. The later is for covering up the detector in case of rain storm and for protecting Silver coins in the folded layers.

3. The Lesche digger and scabbard and brass coin probe. Nothing beats a good sharp Lesche digger!

4. Another camera case, this one actually contains my compact digital camera capable of taking high resolution videos as well. I document and photograph every keeper find and dig site. Not shown is the white cotton digging cloth that is stuffed in my left rear pocket. Pull tabs and junk go in this pocket as well.

Right Side

This side is kept open and clear for my arm and detector movement. Only one item on this side located on my right rear pocket area.

1. Garret Pro Pointer. I always have my Sunray DX-1 probe handy, but this Garret is quickly becoming a favorite.

It's important to me not to obstruct the swing of the detector. Here is a shot of my right side sans the Garret probe while hunting. You can see the digging cloth here too. (Photo, courtesy of my every so patient WIFE)...


OK lets see and hear about your gear. Please no comments on my fat belly in the above pictures. :rolleyes:

Keep Swing'in

01-18-2010, 05:28 PM
Hello Jack,
No pictures, but I carry my pinpointer, Lesche and probe suspended from or hooked on to a tool harness. There are also pockets for magnifier and camera. I carry a dirt rag, but usually use a frisbee with part of it cut out for dumping the dirt back. I like the tool harness (bought at Lowes) because it is MD dedicated and I can just put it on or take it off with all the accoutrements. In hot weather I wear a Camelback for hydration. Knee pads are a must for me since bending over for even a short time hurts my back. If I am doing foundations or cache sites I bring my Predator shovel which can be worn over the shoulder on my back, available for quick use. RickO

01-18-2010, 08:08 PM
What I carry really depends on where I am detecting. If I am in a wooded area, and/or have to walk a distance from my car, I have a bag that straps around my waist to carry water, digger, cloth, camera, and usually a protein bar. If I am detecting in a park or somewhere very close to my car, I have very little with me... just camera and case, and I carry my digger and cloth for returning the dirt to the hole.

leslie(nova scotia)
01-22-2010, 06:32 PM
From the land of the Bluenose.....man that is a lot to wear going out a digging. Tim's extra batteries, garbage bag and a lesche tool.........................sometimes a keg also to ward off a chill youz!

01-22-2010, 07:48 PM
Nice setup you have there Jack. I on the other hand have a little more to deal with. Because I hunt in the woods most of the time I carry two pouches one on either side containing water, digger, a snacky bar of some sort and if I know I will be in the deep underbrush I carry a folding saw for the roots. I can and do wander as far as a quarter mile from the car so I have to carry all I need so I don't have to go back. If I hunt a local park I pack pretty much bare bones, Pouch, digger and thats it. thumbsup01 The extra gear I carry don't seem to bother me at all. ;)

01-22-2010, 11:18 PM
sometimes a keg also to ward off a chill youz!

Ya, I didn't mention the flask of Brandy hidden away in my right rear pocket. :angelic:

01-25-2010, 03:13 PM
(K... if I can think of everything I do...)
I also have a flask that I tote in my pocket, Jack. Mine's fulla Crown Royal. :twirlingeyes:
'Course, the time of year is an obvious influence on what I weight myself down with, but most of my detecting equipment is now-a-day basics.
The machine (DFX), of course, but certain times, if we take the 4-wheeler, the machine is in the hardshell case strapped on the front (which is equiped with a set of mini-screwdrivers for field work on machines).
Unlike th' Sageman, I swing with my left hand (exclusively), but I'm right-handed. I like to keep my killing hand free for... you know... whatever. ;))
My digital camera (Canon Powershot A470... high res. shots & video capability) case is next to my root saw (drywall blade in a fake leather sheath) centered on my pants belt behind me. My right side consists of a 9 Master Mechanic blade in it's case (for... again... whatever), a cordless drill hook which I hang my sawed-off, mini-shovel on (via an eye hook on the handle), and next to that, a home-made, real leather, brass-studded, pouch (built for longivity/endurance, and they're almost 10 years old now) for the crap, which also holds my White's pinpointer... and I always wear knee pads. Keepers go in my holeless pants pocket (where they try to burn a hole before I get home).
My left side has my cell phone (in a pouch) & my truck keys hanging from a belt loop with a &quot:grin:-ring (named from my military experiences. I forgot the original mountain-climbing word for them).
Most places I dig doesn't need a towel spread out to dump the dirt on 'cause I'm almost always in the fields, at cellar holes, or on a beach.
Headphones (never without... and I use Grey Ghost phones, not the ones pictured in the hardshell case), gloves, and walkie-talkies are always with us when Snowy is with me, too.
The truck has the extras in it... jeweler's loop, extra battery pack, extra pinpointer, extra batteries, sustainance (water, for sure), miscellaneous diggers & phones, White's brain box raincoats, etc.
... and here's a couple old(er) pics of some of the stuff I make sure is in the truck BEFORE I start it up (learned this lesson a few years ago, when I found myself miles from home, drove out into a huge field, jumped out of the truck, and realized that I had everything but &quot:beerbuddy:lackie (that's my machine's name). :crazy: :shocked04:stretcher: :confused: :shocked04:
Oh... if your confined to Earth, the suit in the 4th pic is not necessary. ;)

01-25-2010, 08:52 PM
The drywall blade is a great idea Krom! I am gonna steal that idea from you if you don't mind. Gee I never had Crown Royal, is it good? rofl

01-29-2010, 04:27 PM
The dry wall saw is good..I use a folding pocket saw. You can pick them up from dicks sporting goods for ten buck. I will try to get some pics up. They are great for roots!

01-31-2010, 04:22 PM
Yea, I like that saw too, good idea. I had one and broke it off on a root. I think I'll get another one.

02-05-2011, 05:53 PM
Yea, I like that saw too, good idea. I had one and broke it off on a root. I think I'll get another one.

Why didn't I think of that. Gotta go get one now

Nitro 54
02-05-2011, 09:21 PM
I just use a canvas pouch with 4 compartments to keep my Lesche and use the others for junk and good finds..