View Full Version : What is my AT Pro telling me?

10-12-2011, 08:32 PM
I am hunting an old farm. As anyone that has hunted a site like this knows, it is littered with iron, and every kind of trash imaginable. I have pulled 3 Wheat's (54-44-42), and some clad to date. I run my AT Pro in Pro mode Custom, disc @ 35, and sensitivity @ 4-5 bars. While swing the coil I get TID #`s from 40 to 75, with low and mid tones. I will hear a high tone, but not necessarily get a high TID # to go with the tone. After I pinpoint the high tone, I can get the tone to repeat, and sometimes a high TID # to go with the high tone, but the high TID # usually won`t be displayed or repeat. Those were the readings I got when I found the Wheat`s. My question, Should I dig on a repeatable high tone, and not be concerned that I don`t always have a matching high TID # to go with the tone? :confused:

10-13-2011, 04:55 PM
Some targets will be in range of the detector capabilities to sound off on, but out of range of the VDI --they could be deep large iron objects or deep coins.
Any repeatable signal in a place like that--always dig it. Sometimes it might be a deep, target that gives a high tone.

10-13-2011, 08:24 PM
Thanks for all the help. After I made the post, it occurred to me to do the obvious, read the manual again. And right there on page 20, last paragraph, my answer. I guess it was a case of C R S in my advanced years. I have been digging all repeatable high tones, after sweeping from all angles. Sometimes I am rewarded (Wheat`s), most times not (BIG TRASH), but I don`t want to miss anything good. Yesterday at the old farm, I worked a 25' by 5'area. I pulled 2 pennies (1942 and 1979), and 5.5# of trash, in about 3 hours. I dug some deeeeeeeeeeeep holes!!!!!!!!!!!!! They say it don`t come easy, and the are right. When in doubt, dig it out, or risk missing something special. Thanks again.