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01-15-2012, 02:41 PM
:thinkingabout: Here's a couple of questions for you guys. I have been having pretty good success, using the D2 coil on my DFX. Do you think I would be happier with the results using a Whites 6 X 10 DD coil? I know I've read that nobody would part with their 6 x 10's. Is this a more stable coil, then the D2? One other question. How do you list your year to date findings. I have added my detectors, and hardware. But can't figure out how to add in the lists. Without just adding it to the end of my equipment list. :confused: 8/

01-16-2012, 12:26 AM
hey Starman2 i believe the only real difference of those two coils are these...
depth and separation and maybe stability .let me explain , the d2 is a bigger coil and i'm pretty sure it will get you more depth than the 6x10 . how much more :thinkingabout: :thinkingabout: well thats probably up for debate , the 6x10 i'm sure has better separation. again you will get those that want to debate how much better. stability is usually better with smaller coils over larger ones and you can often crank sensitivity higher with smaller coils over the larger type. i think it lies with more of a personal preference than anything at all , i almost all the time have the 6x10 on my dfx . i love that coil for the type of detecting i do (colonial cellar relic and coin detecting) it gives me about the best separation from a bigger type coil so i can still get very close to a trashy cellar like a smaller coil
but also cover a good amount of ground like a larger one . i hope this sheds some light on the two. your other question i assume you mean the signature area at the bottom of your post page ?? i believe that this space is limited to the number of characters you can use and you might have to experiment with it ,if i didn't mis-understand
your second question . please pm me or any of the Moderators to explain more.


01-16-2012, 05:11 AM
Couldn't have said it better, Dan. :yes: thumbsup01 Oh... just one thing to add... :rolleyes: (sry)

pinpoints like a charm. Had a hard time with that D2 (stability, p/p) so it was sold.

01-16-2012, 01:02 PM
|:cheering:, Thanks for the info guys! I think, like many has said. The D2 was actually designed for the V3. I think I will probably go with the 6 X 10. The D2 does sometimes come on with some wild sounds :hairpulling:. And P/P is a little off at times also. :groovy: As far as the depth. You still have the 10 inches going front to back. I do however like the depth with the D2. I have not tried the 6 x 10 yet so maybe I'll keep the D2 until some expierimentation can be done. Signed: :frozen: in Michigan.

01-21-2012, 04:20 PM
First off, the D2 coil is a 10 coil and the 6x10 coil is essentially a 6 coil. The D2 coil will find deeper targets and the 6x10 will work better in areas close to metal such as fences and posts. The 6x10 will seperate better but you will give up some depth.
Second, you can put your equipment list under your avatar where it says personal text. Then put your year to date finds under signature.