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01-24-2012, 03:00 PM
Hey people :peace: I'm reading &quot:grin:igging Deeper With the DFX Of course I haven't finished it yet. But I have a question for the DFX users out there. :thinkingabout: In general hunting. And general ground situations. Lets say a park. What kHz setting do you mostly use. The book says in some cases the 15kHz is better. And in some cases the 3kHz is better. But then you read the dual setting works well also. Which do you prefer to run in. All three have their benefits. But it sounds like the single freqencies are more sensitive to targets like silver. Which we're all seeking most of the time. What do you think. Which one do you seem to have the best luck with. I'm not trying to cheat. But, like this question. It is a little vauge, as to which would be the best to run in. I have pretty much been using the installed programs. Mostly the eeproms. with some tweaking here and there to A.C. , and Preamp settings, to get rid of the interference problems. >{ I quess all I'm asking is . Which to you, seems to be the best?

01-24-2012, 03:48 PM
the 3khz frequency is hotter on higher conductive targets like silver , copper but more suseptible to interference and falsing to iron . the 15 khz is more sensitive to lower and smaller conductive targets like gold , foil,lead but is alot less bothered by interference . so there is a bit of a trade off for using one frequency over another and in some areas you might have to use just one . some areas you have to run both frequencies like the beach for example because one frequency cancels out the salt and cuts down the falsing. running both frequencies in correlation will handle the mineralization and iron a tad better with a little less falsing but at a cost of some depth , while running both frequencies in best data i think is deeper but runs a little more erratic and does false a bit more . the machine is very very versitile for just about any condition and i recommend trying different settings to see what works best for you in your ground .


jeremi mann
01-15-2014, 12:15 AM
im fond of running in 15 with a program set up from the prospecting factory settings that I modified for relics for my soil in bama and a very low sweep speed and high recovery speed ....that and my sef dd coil have hit real life targets deeper than u would think .

Lodge Scent
01-15-2014, 10:26 AM
I will often use 3 kHz only when the ground's VDI is very low (-90 to -94). I will also turn Normilization to "Off". That will allow the high VDI coppers and silver to hit lower on the VDI scale than they normally would. This helps avoid some of the wrap around issues that occur at the top end of the VDI scale.