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02-23-2010, 11:05 PM
I am Looking for a relatively low cost upgrade to what I have, particularly for depth and am contemplating getting a Vaquero. Currently own a Golden Sabre II, Cutlass II umax (that my wife claimed) and an XLT.
Just looking for feedback from those who own/have owned a Vaquero.
I like the depth that my XLT gives but lately have been realizing that I don't find the non-coin goodies as much with it as I do the Tesoros. The Vaquero seemed like it could cover both issues.

06-05-2010, 05:15 PM
The Vaquero is a outstanding detector, on par with unit's that are twice the price. This year I bought my first Tesoro and have been very happy with it's performance. I started detecting in 1972 and over the years have used White's ,Fisher and Garrett. I am the only one to use a Tesoro in the detecting club, but it will make finds as good as the Minelab's or my White's MXT. You would be hard pressed to find a detector with a lifetime warranty that can go deep and find the good stuff and only weight 2.2 pounds. thumbsup01

01-17-2011, 01:57 PM
Almost a year after I started this thread my wife gave me a Vaquero for Christmas. So far, I am liking it!

It is seeing silver that my XLT missed. In two local parks that have been hit hard, I had only found 1 silver coin in one of them and two in the other for over a year and 20+ hunts. In 6 hunts with the Vaquero, I have found 6 silver coins!

The Vaq seems to have a slight edge on depth over the XLT in my ground. Most of the silver finds were dimes in the 7-8 inch range and that was pretty much the outer limits of what I could get out of my XLT.

I am also impressed with the stability of the Vaquero. I can crank it in most of my local spots with little or no chatter.

04-27-2011, 02:21 PM
Congrats on the Vaquero and the Silver, Bill. lol :happydance01: lol

Now, while you're hunting now without a display, do you miss it? Or do you dig more unwanted items depending on the missing display?