View Full Version : Strange Error Coin

03-27-2012, 07:46 AM
Hi everyone ! I know this forum section is called What is it ? , but I found a good Error website to help others when they find a coin that looks a little strange .It's called Wexler's Die Varieties at www.doubleddies.com (http://www.doubleddies.com)

I found this 1968d Kennedy half and got excited thinking it was a Double Die but recently found out it's what they call a Mechanical Doubling and considered not an error. Personally I still think that an Error is an Error.
This is the coin. NOTICE THE SECOND STAMP IS FLAT AND NOT RAISED AS HIGH AS THE ORIGINAL PUNCH ? It is a result of a loose screw on the collar which is what holds the coin in place.

With all this said, What do all of you think ? Should it be considered an Error ? Or not ? By the way there are many like mine on Ebay being sold as Double Die coins.