View Full Version : nizn batteries update

04-10-2012, 02:13 PM
well I finally got out for a few hours today to check out the new batteries today, I found that if the batteries get below 1.10 volts the chargers though they recognize them and the batteries show good in the chargers that the chargers will not charge them back up, I had one that was below 1volt and would not charge. today instead of tossing the battery I decided to try a battery charger that I had from a company called nuon with intelligent technology and found that it would bring the battery up to the 1.2 volt mark, then I switched back to the powergenics charger that was designed for these batteries and found that it would then charge the batteries like it was supposed to except my chargers would not shut down when the batteries reached full charge so I just need to keep an eye on them when charging, I took them out for a test run in my machine today and they stayed around the 13 v mark for about 2 hours then I switched 2 batteries to my headphones for the next hour or so and they held up just fine and the headphones worked great so I will be using them for my headphones as I had intended to do.
hope this helps