View Full Version : DD coil compaired to a round for water hubnting

05-07-2012, 05:28 PM
I was wondering if anyone recommends a smaller round coil to the DD for beach and water hunting I found (the one time I tried)water hunting was hard to keep swinging my coil under water and I didn't know if a small round coil would cut down on drag and improve pin pointing. Does anyone else use a DD in the water ?

05-07-2012, 08:53 PM
90% of the time i use stock 11 sepro coil for my sepro. if i am in iron infested beach (water) zone, i swtich to 5 sunray.....if damp sand and waters edge, i 90% use my wot (15) round.

since i hunt in the chesapeake bay very often and lots of iron, on my excal. i use 8 coil. stock 10 is okay, but i sold my 10 excal.

last todays i have been using my sef 10x12 coil for water hungting in the bay waist deep zone/knee deep.

if you plan on hunting waters edge to shallow, a small round coil will get less wave drag and your should and wrist will like it better.

what heater do u use??

05-08-2012, 07:43 AM
I have a garrett AT pro with the stock coil. I wasn't sure if I should up grade I've only tried beach and water detecting once with very little luck (I only pulled 2 cents and very few pieces of trash out of the water) I mostly found bottle caps on the beach. This is fresh water lake hunting. But next week end I plan on traveling up north to a very popular lake and beach and I've got a co worker who has a cottage on the same lake he's shown me on my map a couple other smaller public beaches in the area. I'm just hoping this is a good weekend of finds for me. Also someone had mentioned on here about lubbing up O-rings with a grease to help keep them water tight and suggestions on a brand or type would be appreciated