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Thread: Lesche may be the best, but... Fiskars Big Grip...

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    Lesche may be the best, but... Fiskars Big Grip...

    I know that Lesche are the best plug cutting tool... But I want to mention that Friskars Big Grip Multi-Purpose Planting tool is a good runner up for beginner.


    Like the Lesche, it has tooths one one side and it is sharpen on the other side (I re-sharpen mine). It has aV groove that can be used to cut small roots with a little tap on the handle. The shape of the blade make it a very strong tool and it is able to pry a plug out of the hole without worries.

    The price, 8.95$ CND at Canadian Tire ...For the beginers on a budget

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    Re: Lesche may be the best, but... Fiskars Big Grip...

    I agree, for the money this is a great digger. I used this digger for the first year when I got started. It cut very nice plugs. The cold nights of winter spelled the end for this digger in short order however. I broke it in that first December, and soon after bought a Lesche. That being said, I still go through a Lesche every 2 years. lol I highly recommend this digger for easy summer digging. You can't beat the price! Thanks for the great information Daniel.

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    Re: Lesche may be the best, but... Fiskars Big Grip...

    They are cheap, and readily available.
    But other than that, I found the 'V' tip does not do well in gravel, and the tang inside the handle rusts quickly. I about broke my wrist when the handle snapped off mine! >:/
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    Re: Lesche may be the best, but... Fiskars Big Grip...

    I still use mine, I did grind the V tip into a point and sharpened both sides. it cuts through sod and small roots great. It also is almost indestructible.

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    My primary digger is a Lesche, but after reading this post, I decided to check out one of these Fiskars, and found it to be a great deal. I bought one at Wallyworld for 8 dollars as a back up to my Lesche, and I also own 2 detectors, so if a friend decides to go out detecting with me, they'll be able to use the fiskar. I tried it out yesterday evening, and it seems to do a great job for the price. As to Wrvond's post about it not doing too good in gravel, what does? I would recommend it to anyone as a decent economical digger. Great for the price.

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    If there was a digger made of chrome molly of the same configuration it would be and awesome trowel but I'd rather have my lesche cause being made of chrome molly they are tougher than nails

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    I agree that it's a nice "planter" and nice if you're on a budget. However, here in the desert southwest the "Lifetime Warranty" will come in handy, especially if there is a retailer on your way back home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lowjiber View Post
    I agree that it's a nice "planter" and nice if you're on a budget. However, here in the desert southwest the "Lifetime Warranty" will come in handy, especially if there is a retailer on your way back home.
    Lol! My hunting buddy bought a Fiskars last August. I think it lasted 3 minutes before he broke the blade off of the handle. He finally broke down and bought a Lesche.

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    Fiskars is what I use. The handle broke off and had it welded back on. It is still going strong.
    Sharpened the end and it goes throgh the roots a lot better.
    The Lesche is better built and takes a lot more abuse. But for a cheap tool it works fine.

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    After reading this thread I put a Lesche Ground Shark 36" Step Shovel in my Amazon shopping cart. I just spent a bundle on two very sophisticated Garrett detectors so why would I cheap out on a tool that could break (and end a day of detecting early)?
    Just my tuppence.
    Update: I found the 40" Lesche step shovel at Big Boy's Hobbies for 65.99 and free shipping. Bigger spade, 9 bucks less than Amazon.
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    I've been using the Fiskars since I discovered it on sale at Walmart the day I bought my detector. Can't beat it for the price and can't justify paying so much for a Lesche at this point. Sure, it's not made for reefing on it or prying out small boulders, but with a little care it works great! I did start to bend it once, but now I know it's limits. Anything more and I just use my shovel. Cuts or saws through roots and penetrates hard clay very well. Just plan ahead for the type of digging you will be doing and select the proper tool accordingly. Only complaint I have is the lack of a sheath to hang it off my belt. Once I pick up some suitable hard leather I'll sew one up.
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    Jack, you break a Lesche ever two years? does it break? Bend? I only use mine every so often in parks. I normally use my shovel out in the woods.
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    My Lesche broke after 3 years of heavy use. It developed a horizontal crack across the blade.
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    i used one years ago it worked ok but when you used it to pry it would bend a little and then after a few times it would break but at the price back then it was worth it after using the lesche i never used anything else

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    I have a lesche and it's never seen dirt. I use my trusty digger with the yellow rubber handle that I got years ago from some detecting site for $6.00. The rubber on the handle is starting to split, but the digger itself hasn't so much as bent one single millimeter. And I have put it through lots of abuse.
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    I don't know what company makes the diggers that carry the Garrett name, but I bought one a couple years ago after I lost my original digger. It's much stronger and tougher than I would have thought. I've abused it pretty well and it hasn't bent or cracked at all. The sheath, however, is wrapped with electrical tape to keep it together.
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    Have been using the Fiskars for a few years now but just bought a Predator Raptor. Should be here tomorrow. The Fiskars cuts a decent plug but because of its intended use as a planter, it doesn't scoop dirt out of a hole very good. Looking forward to taking the Raptor out for the first time.
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