This Forum Rules And Acceptable Use Policy document outlines the rules and regulations governing the acceptable use of the American Detectorist Metal Detecting Forums. When completing your registration as a member of the forum you agreed that you read and accepted the Forum Account Registration Agreement presented at registration. Your further and continued participation and use of the American Detectorist Metal Detecting Forums indicates acceptance of the Registration Agreement and this American Detectorist Metal Detecting Forums Rules And Acceptable Use Policy document.


The American Detectorist Metal Detecting Forums are moderated. The administrators and moderators have the right to close or remove any thread considered to be unacceptable, to edit or delete individual posts, and to restrict access to various functions or sections of the forum. Repeated violations of the Forum Rules And Acceptable Use Policy may result in restricting the offender's forum activity or banning from the forum. There is no legal right to use this forum. Forum users may report violations of the Forum Rules And Acceptable Use Policy to the administrators or moderators.


1) Forum Participation

The administrators and moderators have no intention of unreasonably censoring members post. You are encouraged to participate in the discussions held on this board and to express your views, comments, insights and/or criticisms related to the subjects under discussion. However, please post in a way that is also respectful of other members and their opinions. The use of profanity, flaming, abusing, or insulting other members in any way will not be tolerated and will result in restrictions of activity or banning from the forum.

2) Posts

Please post in the appropriate forum; read the forum description before posting. The administrators and moderators reserve the right to move any posts deemed to have been posted to the wrong forum. Double posting - same post to two different forums - is not allowed.

3) Metal Detector Reviews and Comparisons

Discussions on different types and models of metal detectors and their manufacturers, comparing features, pros and cons, or expressing criticism is encouraged. However, unduly bashing a metal detector make or brand or its manufacturer is not allowed.

4) Posting In All Caps

DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS. It is not the intent with this rule to prohibit members from using all caps at all. The rule is intended to prohibit people from using all caps as their default posting style or from otherwise using it excessively. There are caveats and exceptions. Subject lines, headings, and the occasional short sentence in all caps is acceptable, but not when used for an entire post. Capital letters are best left for their intended usage and, sparingly, to emphasize a particular word or phrase.

5) Other Sites/Forums

There are two sides to every story, so to avoid maligning others please do not make posts maliciously attacking other forums, their owners, administrators, or moderators. Such posts will be removed.

6) Attaching of Images & Use of Text

The posting of pornographic, suggestive, or generally offensive images, text, or links is prohibited. This also applies to metal detecting finds, such as tokens depicting conspicuous nudity or the depiction of words which ordinarily would not be allowed to be posted on the open forum. Where it isn't clear if an image depicted on a token or coin would be considered generally offensive, members may approach any of the moderators for a final determination. The use of profanity where letters are replaced with symbols is also prohibited.

7) Use of Avatars

Please exercise good judgment in the selection of avatars. Generally offensive avatars will be removed from a member's profile.

8) Personal Privacy

Do not post private information. Respect other people's right to personal privacy. Posts should not contain personal, identifiable information, such as phone numbers or addresses.

9) Copyrighted Material

Do not post or distribute copyrighted material or content without the expressed written permission of the content owner.

10) Illegal & Unethical Activities

Posts encouraging illegal or unethical activities, such as metal detecting on private property without permission, will be removed.

11) Religion & Politics

Debating political or religious issues, starting discussions on these topics, or making inflammatory political or religious remarks is not permitted. This is a metal detecting forum. There are plenty of other forums and blogs where you can engage in such discussions; the American Detectorist Metal Detecting Forums is not one of them.

12) Personal Blogs & Websites

Members are permitted to include in their profile and signature a link to a personal blog or website. This allowance does not apply to a commercial or business site. No member products can be advertise via posts nor via links added to profiles unless approved by the administrators. Posts to announce detecting club rallies and digs are exempted from this rule.

13) Advertising & Product Promotion

Advertising or soliciting products, services, funds or donations via member profiles, forum posts, embedding of links, signatures, or private messages to members without the expressed permission from the forum administrators is prohibited.

14) Videos & Embedded Ads

Videos may not have any ads embedded in them (Google Ads, for example). The posting of YouTube videos with embedded advertisements or which contain advertisements in any form is not allowed. If you wish to post a YouTube video and you have enabled embedded ads for your videos on YouTube you must first disable this feature before posting the video on this forum. This feature can be disabled for individual videos by the video owner. YouTube videos with embedded ads will immediately be removed from the forum and a PM (private message) will be sent to the member who posted the video as a reminder of this rule. The member then has the option to disable or remove the ads and repost the video. Repeated violation of this rule will result in the member having his video posting privilege restricted or eliminated.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your professionalism in adhering to these rules.

Enjoy your time at American Detectorist!

Forum Administrators

The forum administrators reserve the right to amend or revise the above rules at any time.
(Rules updated October 24, 2014)