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Thread: Metal Detecting Video

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    Metal Detecting Video

    In my spare time I like to watch others MD'ing videos and no one makes them better then Bill Ladd . Just got to Utube and Type in his name and he has a tone of great videos to watch. This is my favorite.
    Detector used: White's XLT AVATAR IS A FMDAC

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    Re: Metal Detecting Video

    I can agree with that. Bill Ladd and triple H are some serious treasure hunters.
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    Re: Metal Detecting Video

    I work slightly harder for my buttons
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    Re: Metal Detecting Video

    i've heard some unsavory things about Mr.Ladd that i won't say here on the forum , but they pertain to doing a disservice to the rest of us hobbyists. so i will not partake in his viewership on youtube.
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    Re: Metal Detecting Video

    I think I will apply Thumper's Rule to my opinion of Bill Ladd's videos.

    To each his own.
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