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Thread: Weekend finds!

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    Weekend finds!

    Went hunting this past weekend with some hunting buddies. Got a 1963-D Rosie at 3 inches on Saturday <: and a real nice 1939 Merc at 7 inches on Monday afternoon. Also got 5 Wheaties, the oldest being 1928, plus 123 clad coins totaling $9.74. I also used my SunRay X-5 five inch coil and in one hour I broke my old nickel record of 12 with a new one of 16. Happy hunting to all!
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    Re: Weekend finds!

    lot of digging and some nice keepers love the merc great shape.
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    Re: Weekend finds!

    congrats on your finds i had the ride of shame sunday | |

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    Re: Weekend finds!

    Fred im not being sarcastic I really like that 1928 wheaty!Good find!Good shape for that old!Ive gotten some 1928 wheaties coin roll hunting but never that nice!

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    Re: Weekend finds!

    WOW ! That Merc looks like it's in mint state. It's flawless. Just goes to show you, it doesn't have to be real old silver to be worth a lot. Just as long s it's in Great shape.
    AGAIN !
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    Re: Weekend finds!

    Fred, what a great looking merc..... .
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    Re: Weekend finds!

    nice finds fred, I really thought that old looking football field would have been a great spot.

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    Re: Weekend finds!

    That is a beautiful 39 dime. Congrats!!!! Don't forget to check that Wisconsin quarter to see if it has the extra leaf on the corn. Could be big bucks too.

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    Re: Weekend finds!

    That Merc looks like it was dropped yesterday, congrats on a great find
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    Re: Weekend finds!

    Nice finds Fred! |
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