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Thread: AT PRO users descussion

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    AT PRO users descussion

    Hi All : I would like to start a general discussion on using the AT PRO // anyone interested Perry

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    old thread, I know.....but I'd be interested in hearing any specifics people may offer on effective use of the AT Pro, and what to look out for............thanks for any posts.
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    How about this I own one but wouldnt buy one again . Not impressed.

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    any specifics why? Was the detector junk/broken or did it not suit your hunting places? Just curious-thanks
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    Love my AT pro. Simple and user friendly. I have hunted with other people that use detectors that were double the price of my AT pro and I still find just as much if not more. Paired up with my Garrett pro pointer, I have no issues what so ever. I do notice it makes some tones randomly when moved quickly, but nothing to complain about and it does not affect my detecting.

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    good to know, got a brand new one next to me itchin to survey some soil, problem is the weather won't cooperate........more snow coming tomorrow, seems as if this winter is never going to end............UGH! When it does finally melt Ill be looking to try it out........if you come across any specific issues please post them. Many people use/like them so im not expecting anything earth-shattering......thanks!
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    Need to get some more hours in, but love the machine so far, snowed in now in NY....
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    Have an International Pro which has been to the factory 5 times. Must say great depth and such but I will not take mine inthe water again. The pro is relagated to a backup machine on land to my Freedom 3 Plus, and in water I use the seahunter mk11.

    Due to the great depth and somewhat water resistant it is my machine of choice for my yearly UK trip.

    If I ever see a Freedom 3 Plus for sail i always by it. Won't tell you how many i have. Garrett onl;y swinger of 46 years!
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    It's overall a pretty good machine. I've owned one for some time now and have never encountered any significant downsides or problems with it. It gets pretty decent depth, works good in and amongst iron, it's rugged, waterproof, and is overall a simple machine.

    However, it performs terribly on the beach, I don't mind this because I don't think there is much to be found on beaches anyways. I do have some issues with electronic interference and highly mineralized soil as well.
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    I absolutely loved it's power it until Garrett couldn't fix the machine after 4 months. I'm sick of it. :/
    I <3 colonial relics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
    I absolutely loved it's power it until Garrett couldn't fix the machine after 4 months. I'm sick of it. :/
    I agree with Isaac. The ATPro is a great machine though I'm surprised it took Garrett four months to fix it and its still not working properly.

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    Being new to the hobby, it's working well for me so far. The headphones that come with it are pretty cheaply constructed, I have to return mine today, I broke them over the weekend only three weeks into my hunting. But I think the tones are easy to decipher and understand, and it find really deep targets. Dave

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    I bought mine Oct 2015. I have quite a few hours 60+ in various areas. I have been to Newport Beach in CA, didn't find much and had a hard time with the salt water/wet sand. Just got back from Houston and spent some time in La Porte on the Gulf and had no problem with the salt water there (should say wet sand). On land, I do like the equipment, but haven't compared it to others. I have been thinking about getting a Minelab CTX 3030. Still on the fence as to getting that or buy a NEL 13x14 coil. I think with everything practice makes you better.

    Quality is there. I honestly don't take care of equipment very well. I have been in muck, sand, snow, rain etc. and it still works like a champ. I have taken coins 10-11 deep on sand volleyball courts.

    Last - if you forget the bolt and wingnut to attach your coil to the AT Pro (and you are 1500 miles from home), go to Lowe's and get 1.75" Nylon bolt 3/8 -16 thread with 2 washers and nuts. Worked excellent and never came loose. Hand tightened. Find it in the hardware department.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MI Detectors View Post
    Being new to the hobby, it's working well for me so far. The headphones that come with it are pretty cheaply constructed, I have to return mine today, I broke them over the weekend only three weeks into my hunting. But I think the tones are easy to decipher and understand, and it find really deep targets. Dave
    The headphones are the only downside I would say, mine work fine but are terribly uncomfortable. I'm looking to buy the adapter to use ear buds. I have a set I use when listening to music when cutting grass. They are water proof to 3 meters and do a great job canceling out background noise. So I'm sure they would work well with the AT Pro.

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    Love my ATP deepest coin today is a clad quater at 8" & reason so deep there was fill dirt brought in could tell by different soils. My ATP will hit on a 1946 SLQ at 8" & a 1926 Merc. dime at 6" in one of my coin & trash gardens. I have installed an adapter & use the Gray Ghost head phones with it - also have the smaller 5"X8" coil. " ONE GREAT PACKAGE".

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    Hello, I just found this forum and am interested in purchasing an AT Pro as my first detector. If this is the wrong place for this please move it to the appropriate section. Would the AT Pro be too much machine or is it a good one to grow into? I've been researching MD's for a while now and I believe I'd like to start here. Thank you!

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    welcome to the forum Scott.
    i myself own an AT PRO and love it but would not recommend it as a beginners machine, reasons ? ,it does tend to be a bit of a chatter,it likes to tell you everything that is in the ground which to the beginner can become tiresome.
    also it is a machine with a number display and although this is great for an intermediate detectorist can be a bit more hard work when just beginning in the hobby.
    my advice to you would be start with a lower end machine till you get the hang of digging stuff , the whites coinmaster for $200 is the machine i started with and as folks can tell you here i am a massive fan,it hits deep (Vermont copper at 15inchs) and is the only detector ive owned that if it hits on the gold ring symbol on the screen its a gold ring in the ground.
    another choice would be the fisher F2 , although it has numbers its a lot easier to understand and if you buy the package comes with and extra coil... about $300.
    both detectors are switch on and go machines which as a beginner is what you want.

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    I have a Garrett AT Pro and I'm having an issue with it. I've returned it to Garrett numerous times to no avail They even sent me a new detector but the issue persists. The issue is that when I'm detecting in a field if there is a tiny, single, taller sprig sticking up and I touch the spring with the coil, I get a coin signal. However, there is nothing there. This makes it very difficult to hunt. On the beach it does the same thing if I accidentally touch a mound of sand. Has anyone else had this issue: Any ideas on what might be causing this? Thanks for all suggestions.

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    What settings are you using?

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    Digginjim, yeah i have that happen also but DavidGC had a good question as mine does it when I crank the sensitivity up with my big coil. Otherwise love my machine just make sure your connections are tight all the time.

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