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Thread: bottle find

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    bottle find

    found this bottle while digging a good quarter signal...found the quarter too. on the bottom is a circle with a M inside it and a number 2 under that

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    Re: bottle find

    a shot of the bottom of the ottle

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    Re: bottle find

    To me, cobalt blue glass is really cool looking......
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    Re: bottle find

    Nice glass. I enjoy old bottles almost as much as the stuff my Ace 350 finds for me!
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    Re: bottle find

    Nice bottle! Here's some history on the maker:
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    Re: bottle find

    Nice littel bottle!!
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    Re: bottle find

    That is one cool looking bottle. I have always loved the cobalt blue colored bottles. First thing I thought of when I saw it was a decanter bottle.
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    Re: bottle find

    many thanks for all the replies. i still have not found out what was in it, but lots of info on the company. i am going back soon to this sight because this was in an old trash pile and i only had my little garden trowel with me

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    Re: bottle find

    very nice bottle , cobalt glass looks great in a sunny window sill
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    Re: bottle find

    yep del thats where i keep the bottle,just out of the cats reach

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