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Thread: New Guy in SoCal

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    New Guy in SoCal


    Just as a quick introduction, my name is Kevin Sandes and I know nothing about metal-detecting. But I do have close to 25 years of professional experience cleaning and restoring old/ancient coins and artifacts, from ancient Egyptian bronzes to 18th -19th Cent US coins, etc.

    FYI - Del (Dan) asked me if I could share some of my thoughts in the cleaning forum and I'll do my best to advise those with cleaning/conservation questions.

    Happy to be here!

    Best regards,


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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Hello Kevin , welcome to the forum . I'm very glad you joined our humble establishment here .

    I little history about Kevin ..
    Our very own Thiltzy (Todd) had found a very decent colonial that I positively I.D.'ed on another forum as a Machin Mills counterfiet copper. Todd contacted Kevin to inquire about professionally cleaning the coin and posted his before an after pictures . I had gotten involved in that post and engaged Kevin about colonial coins and had scrutinized the results from pictures Todd posted , I admit i was harsh on Kevin's work because of the photos ( which can be very subjective ) . well about a few months later i got to see Todd's Machin Mills in person and in the natural sun light and was pretty impressed with Kevin's work . He cleaned the dirt meticulously while leaving the sometimes delicate patina on the coin and had the knowledge to not over do it as some places do . since then I have appologized about the unfair criticism of his work on the other forum and he and I have conversed through e-mails . He in formed me about his proceedures about clients coins and how much he stresses continual communication with the coin owner before and during any work he does on it . he will be recieving a couple of coins i have soon to go over and to see what he thinks and he gets my full recommendation on anyone who wants to consider him at cleaning an old colonial coppers or ancient bronze Roman pieces. I asked Kevin if he would join and visit from time to time as I think he will be great to have around , to ask questions or for members to PM about coins for him to consider his services .

    Welcome again Kevin

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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Ave Dan,

    Thanks for the kudos; I blush. :-)

    Having read 'Advertising or soliciting of any products, services, funds or donations via forum posts, signatures, or private messages to members without the expressed permission from the forum administrators is prohibited.' I wonder if I can beg to have a slight dispensation from the above?

    It will be difficult, if not impossible, for me respond to your member's cleaning/conservation questions without mentioning many of the unique cleaning tools and products that are only available from my shop.

    Please LMK, okay?


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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Hi Kevin, My name is Drew and I know nothing about coin cleaning lol
    I hope you enjoy it here.. although the conversation sometimes turns to metal detecting lol
    Welcome Kevin

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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome aboard Kevin from western MA.
    Finding relics is in my blood

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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome Kevin! I have a pretty fine collection of vintage bottle caps that need to brought back to their original luster.... Any suggestions? lol :hysterical: rofl

    Seriously, though, welcome to an avid bunch of detectorists...
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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome and looking forward to reading about your procedures. Hopefully some before and after photos.
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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome aboard!
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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome to the forum Kevin from SE Wisconsin. I'm looking forward to you sharing your expertise. Thank you.
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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Hello Kevin , welcome to the forum .
    Пришел, увидел , выкопал! ))

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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome from a NorCal member! Your expertise will be very helpful here!
    SeabeeRon on the beach in Santa Cruz,CA.

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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Hello and Welcome to the forum from North New Jersey. thumbsup01
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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome from southern Nevada.
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    Re: New Guy in SoCal

    Welcome from Illinois!

    Glad to have someone with your knowledge here on the forum!
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