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Thread: Any GTI users here?

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    Any GTI users here?

    I use a Garrett GTI 1500 and really love it.
    Any other GTI users around here?
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    I have the GTI 2500 but don't use it much anymore. It is an awesome detector in the all metal mode and is my detector of choice if I need to go real deep or looking for gold chains.
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    I used the GTI1500 also for years. Great coin shooter. I have recently bought the AT Pro and I am learning how to listen to it. Great machine, but the GTI is great also. I got the Pro because of all the coil options available.
    [QUOTE=KennyD;148067]I use a Garrett GTI 1500 and really love it.
    Any other GTI users around here?[/QUOTE

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    Got the latest 2500 last year and tried it around an old cabin in the Rockies. Brought up something as tiny as an old Levis rivet from a pair of jeans!
    No relics of real interest but the accuracy and sensitivity is amazing. Outstanding in the all metal mode. I haven't tried it for coin shooting yet. Its almost time up here. Most of the snow is gone. Can't wait.

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    A near mint GTI was donated to If anyone knows anyone interested a tax-deductible donation of $400 will do. Pictures on request.

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