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Thread: Higley Copper Possibly?

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    Perfect timing for deer hunting season! Congrats on what I assume is a crazy sick find! I have never heard of such a coin until this thread. When I googled it, WOW!! Hope we can see some nice clear, clean pics on that thing! Congrats!!
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    Congrats Scott, I thought it was just a piece of jewelry when I first saw it. Amazing how rare they are!

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    Certainly looks like a Higley. A valuable piece even in this condition with a hole. One of the foremost experts on Higleys is Dan Freidus. He's out at the U of Mich. If you can send me better pics, I'll forward them on to him for his opinion. Even though it has a hole and is encrusted, if you could get the weight in grains it would help. If you know someone who reloads the grain scale for that is great and accurate.
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    Thanks Don for your help I sent you a private message.
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    Man a Higley Copper that is a significant find....WOW
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    The reason a Higley would be so far from Simsbury is because they were made of such pure copper the goldsmiths like to use them to alloy gold.

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    Awesome find for sure


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    WOW !! The HOLY GRAIL of Coppers !!! Nice find. Does anyone know how much the hole and the Condition will effect the Value of the Coin ? By the way, I haven't been on in a long time and I Love the New changes to the site !
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    Super nice congrats
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    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
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