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Thread: Back to the Eagle Plate site Saturday and got my 4th George Washington of the Year

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    Back to the Eagle Plate site Saturday and got my 4th George Washington of the Year

    I was eager to get back to the cellar hole that is on private property that I have permission to hunt any time. Last week I got the Eagle Belt Plate and other eagle relics. I was obviously very eager to get back there this weekend. I was not disappointed!

    My first target was a nice old dandy button right off the bat. Started rolling logs and kicking fallen branches when underneath a large fallen branch I got a low vdi reading in the shotgun range. Surprisingly I found a small pocket spill with two fatty Indian Heads stuck together, both dated 1863. Targets were getting hard to come by when I got a mid 50's VDI reading on the side of a small sloped hill about a 100ft from the cellar hole. As Dave was walking over to me I told him that I have a nice repeatable target as he watched me pull out my 4th George Washington Inaugural button of the year. It was another Eagle with Star and my third one of this variety. Then just as we were leaving I pulled another eagle button from the site which is a General Service button.

    I can't even begin to tell you all how lucky I am to have permission to hunt all this property. A few hundred acres to cover with more cellar holes to find.The land owner even told me today that Dave and I can use his two seater ATV which is called a "Mule" for the next few hunts. We will be able to cover a lot of ground quickly with that bad boy. The only bad thing is that my machine broke this morning after falling to the groundso now I am gonna have to wait a few weeks before we get back out there.
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