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Thread: AD Contest Best or Most Memorable Find

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    Congrats to the winners.
    You can't take it with you, so leave it for me to find!

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    Congrats! Great contest Angie
    Having fun is what it is all about!

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    Thank you AD, Angie, Kali, and Bart!
    I only posted to be a forum participant, and never ever expected to win anything. I'm totally blown away!!
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    Congratulations you two
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    Thanks everyone for the congrats, I'm pretty excited! This is a great contest. I'd also like to thank Epihunter, Big Boys Hobbies, and American Detectorist.

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    well done to you folks.

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    Congrats To The winners and thanks again for the great contest!

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    to our winners and also Angie and Bart for the great prizes.
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    Big time congrats you two!!! What great prizes!
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    Be Safe And Happy Hunting All


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    Thanks Angie and good luck hope everything works out and thanks for the contest. congrats to the winners. Safe & HH

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    Congratulations to the both of you!

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    Okay, so my most memorable/important find is this, although it is not valuable and I'm told the diamonds are not real and neither is the gold.

    I believe it is an earring as it has what looks like the remains of a post on the back. I found it in the dry sand at Hampton Beach, a salt water beach on the coast of New Hampshire. I found it using an old Whites Coin Master-4D I had received as a gift from the widow of a neighbor of mine who had passed away. This neighbor was an avid coin collector and all around outdoors person, someone always willing to help and would give you the shirt off his back. I grew up with his kids and always had fond memories of those times.

    I had spent many many hours with that gift, listening to beeps and watching the meter move all over the place without really understanding what it meant or finding much of anything besides pull tabs and foil. Then I stumbled across this find and I've been hooked ever since! I can't help but believe that somehow my old neighbor was watching me from somewhere way off in the beyond with a great big smile on his face. Knowing that not only was his old detector still out there beeping along but also for knowing that I was enjoying it maybe as much as he had! I still have that old detector and although it is pretty beat up it still works. Every time I look at it it also brings back fond memories of my old neighbor, thank you "Gene" you will always be missed and never forgotten!

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    I've had my new AT Pro for weeks, just waiting for the weather to warm up and the ground to thaw. My husband and I have been planning where to go MD, taking some drives, scoping out potential MD areas and there is a small town lake by us. I've always wanted to go detecting on the "beach". I suggested going there Saturday when we were talking about it the night before, but he wasn't too enthused about it. Saturday morning we were getting set to go out, and he decided we'd give it a try. We arrived and there were two people out on the lake, ice fishing, but the beach was mostly clear of snow and the picnic area was clear. We started up there, but I wasn't finding too much and was really anxious to get onto that beach, so I headed down there and started swinging the AT Pro around. Within about fifteen minutes I had a weird signal - kind of bouncing around in the gold rang and it was a little broken up, but I figured eh, just dig it you never know. It was right at the 2 inch mark, turned over that sand plug and saw the bright yellow flash at me. Picked it up and I was still saying, no way, no way, NO WAY. I swear I dropped my shovel in the sand, stood up and ran across the beach to my husband, all the way just saying "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" Dropped it in his hand because I still couldn't think - this still could be fake, right? It was a little squished but he was quite certain I found gold and after I calmed down we cleaned it up as much as we could and we were fairly certain it was gold. Later we found the mark on the back of the Claddagh where it says "Made in Ireland, 14k".....about a half hour later I was walking a little further down from where I found that ring, when I just saw the second ring on the surface of the sand. We know it's 14k Electroplated, but we are waiting for a test kit to figure out if it's silver with electroplate. This has got to be most memorable day for me so far.
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    This contest ended back on December 31, 2013. Thanks to everyone for their participation.

    When we have the second round of the contest we will start a new thread for it.

    Edit from Epi-Hunter 4/2/14: The second part of this contest will take place this summer.

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