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Thread: Last hunts of 2013! (Silver and Largies!)

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    Cool Last hunts of 2013! (Silver and Largies!)

    First, here are some photos of the silver I've found in several hunts late in the year. The foreign coin turned out to be aluminum. Anyway, I've been busy and haven't had time to do the post earlier. Now, hunting is on hold for a while due to the cold and a snow storm coming this week.

    In my final hunt of the year, I met up with Dirt Lizard. I found three coppers in a row, all within a foot or two of each other. I can't make out any details on them. They are toasted pretty good, but it was cool to find that many in one hunt.

    The jewelry piece is silver I believe, but I can't find a hallmark on it. There is a portion that is missing so it may be on there. All in all, I had a great year. Not as many silver coins but a lot of fun for sure.

    Hope everyone has some great hunts in the new year!

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    Great job on those coppers. The jewelry is pretty cool too
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    Nice finds and congrats. Did you have any info on the maltese cross and was it silver as well? Safe & HH

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    Thanks for posting your finds. 3 coppers must have put a smile on your face. Nice looking silver also. Best of luck in 2014
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    Nice job on them coppers. They all look thin like colonials and not large cents. If you find someone with a strong enough x ray machine you could see the coin's images.
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    Great score on them coppers and silvers ! ! !

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    WTG on the coppers! Let's see some cleaned up pic's as any slight detail might help us ID it.
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    Hi. Thanks for looking. The cross is actually a WWII era marksman badge. They were made if silver back then.

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