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Thread: It took me 16 years to find this BIG SILVER today !

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    It took me 16 years to find this BIG SILVER today !

    I had the day off so I meet up with Ryan at an old location that will give up a silver still . Today it opened up BIG TIME ! I'll start with the first good find , about an hour into a 2 1/2 hour hunt I got a sweet +81 at one inch . I pulled back the grass and saw ring #7 and it was silver . Then a good 30 minutes later I was getting lots of +74 and +77 at all depths , all were pennies and dimes . One target was jumpy at 6 inches going between +74 , +77 and even hit +80 twice . I dug down and saw the sweetest thing ever , a BIG SILVER COIN EDGE !!!! I call Ryan over to see it . I was thinking silver half dollar but no it was the coin I had been looking for . I couldn't believe it , I was shaking . It was my first ever Morgan silver dollar ! It's a 1883 with no mint mark . I still can't believe it . I remember two years ago watching Ryan find his first Morgan . It was hard to hunt after that I was almost unable to focus on the hunt do to being so happy . After all that I did manage one more good old coin , a 1904 V nickel . It's been awhile since I found one .
    When I got home and started cleaning my finds I had one more item in my pouch that I couldn't identify till I cleaned it . It turned out to have writing on it that says , GGIE WORLDS FAIR 1940 S.F. CAL. . It's my first Golden Gate International Exposition find . Maybe a lid to something ?
    All I can say is it was one great hunt !
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    Always looking for that next ring !!

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    Awesome score on that beautiful old Morgan there Glen, I've found only one myself


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    HOORAY!!! I'm happy for you! That will spruce up the place on the banner. Congrats!

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    Huge congrats on the Morgan, Glen! That's incredible!

    Wow, what a find!
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    Nice! They don't get any bigger than that !
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    I would have to go change my shorts if I saw a silver that big in the hole. very nice.

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    That is a sweet one! I'd be on cloud nine for about 3 days after a find like that. Then the endorphins would wear off and I'd be out looking for my next fix. Congrats!!

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    WTG on a HUGE find! How the heck people lost those and no one noticed is amazing! Looks like it wasn't in circ. for very long either.
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    Wow What a beauty. Still on my to find list and probably will be forever Congrats on finding it, but even more for not scratching it.
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    Congrats on that gorgeous Morgan. I'm normally pretty reserved, but I think I would have freak out if I dug one of those.
    Very Cool
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    I'm so jealous!!!!! What an awesome find! on that big Silver!

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    Congrats on the great day and awesome finds. Safe & HH

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    very nice I found one and was flying high for a week lol wtg
    Be Safe And Happy Hunting All


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    A big congrats to you Glen!!! Glad to see you found the big one.

    It's great to hear Ryan was able to be there for your first one... just like you were there for his.

    An 1883 is an early one. She's in beautiful shape!


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    Thanks everyone for your nice replies ! It was one great hunt !
    Always looking for that next ring !!

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    congrats on a fair to middling hunt! (i jest!!) the moment when you realize what you just found is an awesome feeling isnt it? congrats on joining the silver dollar club!

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    You earned that one buddy!!
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    Wow! Beautiful coin. That is still on my bucket list. Congrats and great job
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    Just a fantastic find !

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