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Thread: Check one off my Bucket List

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    Check one off my Bucket List

    Made it out detecting this past Saturday to an old school yard near Price, Utah and found a 1966 class ring from the local high school. Now the fun of finding its rightful's a wish I've had for a long time. Can't wait to accomplish the task!!!
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    Very nice find.
    Good luck on your quest to find the owner
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    Nice find!
    Good luck in your next hunt ..... finding the owner.
    Keep us up to date on it's return.
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    What a nice looking ring too! Bet that will bring back some memories when they see and hold it Have fun researching it.
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    Terrific find! I hope you are able to find the owner. They would be about 66 years old today, assuming it's a high school ring.
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    Great find. I have been lucky enough to find one and return it. Good luck in your search for the owner. Doing the right thing feels good!

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    Good Luck!!

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    great looking gold , i'll bet that ring will be a sight for sore eyes to the original owner
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    That is a beautiful ring. Good luck finding the owner.
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    Congrats and good luck in your quest. Safe & HH

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    Awesome find! Good luck finding the owner

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    Beautiful ring! very nice find great job

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    Go get 'em! I cant wait to hear the conclusion!
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    Excellent find!!! Good luck finding the owner!
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    Quick update on the owner of the ring. it's interesting how rapidly the good work spreads when something positive happens. I made a few phone calls and humanity took over...this morning I received a call from the owner's wife. She reported that was contacted by someone at the Carbon School District who indicated that I might have found her husband's high school class ring. To the surprise of both her and her husband, they had no idea it was lost/missing. She said she checked their ring box and sure enough there was no ring. She described it to me and now we are set to get the three of us together on Feb. 12 while I am in Price, UT for a meeting. The story and hopefully photos to follow.......

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    Oh gosh up photos of the smiling face of the owner. Great kudos to you for finding the owner. Karma coming your way, its a great feeling. We should have a special section where forum members can post up the found ring returns.
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    I found a '76 ring this year and I am still waiting for my sister to see if I found the right owner. When I called her she thought she lost it somewhere else but the initials match. It will definitely be a neat feeling when I find out for sure. great find and good luck on the owner. Wisconsin Digger

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    Awesome score on the old GOLD class ring

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    Great find. I've never found one myself. Would love to. Congrats
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