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    Wink First Silver of the Year

    I hunt with a White's V3I and I bought a new SEF 8x6 coil for it and have been breaking it in. So I went to a church built in 1875. A very hard hit site because it's still standing, by a highway, and but no longer used and slowly rotting. I ran my detector pretty hot, 3 frequency, best data, 5 high filter, minimal discrimination just -88 to -94 VDI, sensitivity 10, discrimination 94, with TX boost on. All my finds 6 inches or deeper. A couple of the coins were at 10 to 11 inches. I was surprised at the quantity and quality of my finds with my new coil. The coins are 2 1906 IH's, 1918 wheat, 1941 wheat, and a 1902 Barber quarter.
    Thanks for looking!
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