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Thread: First Silver of the Year

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    Wink First Silver of the Year

    I hunt with a White's V3I and I bought a new SEF 8x6 coil for it and have been breaking it in. So I went to a church built in 1875. A very hard hit site because it's still standing, by a highway, and but no longer used and slowly rotting. I ran my detector pretty hot, 3 frequency, best data, 5 high filter, minimal discrimination just -88 to -94 VDI, sensitivity 10, discrimination 94, with TX boost on. All my finds 6 inches or deeper. A couple of the coins were at 10 to 11 inches. I was surprised at the quantity and quality of my finds with my new coil. The coins are 2 1906 IH's, 1918 wheat, 1941 wheat, and a 1902 Barber quarter.
    Thanks for looking!
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    Wow, the silvers sure do maintain their appearance. Nice!

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    Nice work with the new SEF coil. I have the 8x6 and the 10x12, they are great coils and have dramatically increased my finds over the stock coils. Love the Barber,

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCFindIt View Post
    Wow, the silvers sure do maintain their appearance. Nice!
    Thanks! Sometimes they're better then other times, but they're almost always nicer then the coppers you'll dig.

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    Nice hunt! Love seeing Barbers especially bigger ones Are those rivets still in the leather?....I hate them things, they sound so good!!
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    Awesome finds congrats.

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    Nice finds i love the Barber quarter. Great job Good luck HH
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    Congrats on the Barber. Very Nice
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    Love seeing Barbers. Nice hunting at what sounded like a very well hunted spot. on your 1st silver of the year.
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    Nice coins congrats on your finds.

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    Congrats on a neat bunch of finds, especially that Barber Quarter! Man, I love Barber Quarters, they just don't turn up very often.

    Way to get some cool finds from a heavily hunted site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Two-Cent View Post
    Congrats on a neat bunch of finds, especially that Barber Quarter! Man, I love Barber Quarters, they just don't turn up very often.

    Way to get some cool finds from a heavily hunted site!

    Thanks, nobody was as surprised as me when that barber popped out of the ground! The vdi was sketchy because it was right next to a big piece of iron, so I had no idea what it was other then a diggable target.

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    some nice quality coinage right there love the barber
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    That's big silver. Very nice
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    Can't beat the V3i when it has a coil that's working right.
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