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Thread: Hello from North Los Angeles

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    Hello from North Los Angeles

    Glad to be here. Not really much of a forum fan though. Been MD'ing for about 5 years (off and on). Mostly coin shooting, but looking to start water and meteor hunting. Favorite machine is my MXT, but recently came into a couple abused Fishers and an old Eagle 2 pro I'm repairing. Anyone from Amador or SLO county areas? I visit there quite often and would love to find places to relic hunt.

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    Welcome to the forum. I grew up in Norwalk (but don't pity me, I got away). Lots of great advice and information on this forum. Best wishes and HH, Dave. P.S. We like pictures!
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    I grew up in Norwalk too! ...Norwalk, CT
    I'm not a forum fan either, but you'll like this one. I'm impressed that you can repair your detectors. I hope you like it here and welcome!

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    Ed , some of the forums out there aren't very hospitable at all or so influenced by manufacturers that you can't even compare or talk about certain machines. So i can see how your not a "fan" . we don't "bash" machines but honest and respectful discussions about machines/manufacturer issues are welcomed ,opinions by our members are valued and encouraged for the sake of sharing information and love of the hobby. I think you might find us a bit different and refreshing from some of the others and give us a chance . Again welcome to the forum Ed.

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    I agree with Dan. I haven't been on here that long and I can see people are very respectful here, and Dan be one of the most knowledgeable here. Coinnut, too. I think Daddy would agree... I happened to stumble upon his name in another forum in a thread from a few years back. That forum there was bashing back and forth on people's ideas/comments. Very supportive of the many coinshooting fails I have had which turn out to be relic hunts.

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    Welcome from western MA. You'll like the forum, friendly folks here. Looking forward to your future posts and finds.
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    Welcome and beat of luck . Safe & HH

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    Hey Ed, I'm glad you joined, even if forums are not your thing. We hope you will share your knowledge and finds with us as you are able, and welcome!
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    Welcome aboard Ed from western MA
    Finding relics is in my blood

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    Hello & Welcome from Northern Illinois. There are a lot of Nice, Helpful people here.
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    Welcome to the forum from Kalamazoo

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    Welcome from Illinois!

    Glad to have you here, Ed! I used to have an old Fisher 1260-X and had a lot of fun with it. I found my fair share of old coins with it back in the 1980s. Sometimes I wish I still had that machine just for nostalgia's sake.

    Looking forward to your participation on the forum. Best of luck and happy hunting!
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    Hello from up I-5 a ways. OK, a long ways. Glad you found this site. Would like to hear about you good finds.
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    Welcome to the forum from SE Wisconsin.
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    Hello and Welcome to the forum, from John in NJ.
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