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Thread: And the winner of the contest for the Tesoro Silver uMax is...

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    And the winner of the contest for the Tesoro Silver uMax is...

    BTV Digger

    Congrats, BTV Digger! Your name was randomly drawn by my daughter Sydney this evening, and you have won the brand new Tesoro Silver uMax from JMT Metal Detectors!

    The drawing was recorded on video and I will get it uploaded to YouTube in a day or two.

    We extend our gratitude to JMT Metal Detectors for sponsoring this contest and for donating the great prize!

    Thank you to everyone who entered. Please always consider contacting our forum sponsors if you are ever in need of metal detecting equipment.

    Stay tuned for more contests on the American Detectorist forum!

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    Congratulations BVT Digger. Looking forward to seeing some of your finds with the new detector.
    Thanks JMT Metal Detectors for sponsoring a great contest and thanks American Detectorist for coming up with interesting formats that reflect the personality of the people who share this great hobby.

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    Congrats BTV Digger. Hope you have tons of fun digging tons of coins & relics and posting tons of photos of your finds.
    Thanks JMT Metal Detectors for providing the prize and making this by far, the Best Forum on the Web.
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    Congratulations BVT Digger, that a nice machine!
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    congratulations BTV Digger

    and thanks again JMT Metal Detectors for being a great sponsor and donating this very nice detector to give away
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    Congratulations Digger.

    A hearty thanks to JMT Metal Detectors​for supporting the forum members with the kind donation.
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    A BIG congrats to you BTV


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    Congratulations BVT Digger!! I hope you have some really good finds with your new detector!...JMT

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    Congrats to BVT and a big thanks to all for a great contest.

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    American Detectorist Staff

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    Congrats BTV Digger for winning the contest detector And thanks to John at JMT Metal Detectors for providing a great machine for the contest. Also thanks to Tony for hosting the drawing and video on You Tube Enjoy your machine.
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    Well, here's the video of the drawing.
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    Congrats on your win!! Now your son can swing right along side of you, enjoy it and the time with your son.

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    Hi everyone,

    Wow. Thank you so much and what a nice surprise! As a recent new member of the Forum I have nothing but great things to say about all the people on board here. I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's posts and am impressed by the extent of knowledge out there on detecting and the oddball items we all occasionally find. I'll put my new detector to good use for sure. Thank you again.

    BTV Digger

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