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Thread: The search of the Jar of coins continues...

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    The search of the Jar of coins continues...

    Lots of action again.

    I returned to the Vermont property once more for a long Memorial Day weekend. I will try to find that jar of coins until I rest in peace. I last posted photos of all the other objects I found during the last attempt. Yet again, no jar and no old coins of significance, but check out all the other stuff I found in ONE day and the following afternoon! My friend Lee (can be found on this site) told me that if I dig everything, the good stuff will be easier to find. He was not with me in Vermont but I listened. Well damn if I didn't dig up every signal. Wow!, so much stuff. I did find a silver plated utensil handle with stamps and a silver plated button. The coins I found were all from the fifties or newer. Mind you, this is still all from within about 50 yards of the house out of three acres. These are not items pictures from the last post, rather, they are from four days ago.

    While up north, I was invited to search for relics with a team of people who restore forgotten cemeteries. How ironic that I asked about this in a recent post last month. They wanted me to locate markers for them. I was stunned and pleased to find a Civil War Veterans marker of iron dated 1861 to 1865. It now stands by the veterans grave once more. Very cool Memorial Day activity. This cemetery was vandalized by drunks years ago who shot the headstones with guns. I managed to find a few deformed bullet heads that were .45 and lower caliber. Nothing else was found but lots of beer tabs and cans, but then again, I was not searching for anything valuable of deep. I do not allow myself to.

    All in all a cool couple of hunts. I want to find some older coins on the three acres still. even though I am primarily a relic guy. I will be up north very soon, yes, very soon indeed.
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    looks like a very trashy yard but,you put a dent in your friend said dig it all and good targets will come.that yard is gonna keep ya busy for sure!
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    You look like you have been very busy! Some nice finds there.
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    The energizer bunny doesn't have anything on that's a lot of digging!
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    Looks like you have enough nails to build a new barn..... As Lee says, did it all and the good stuff that is hidden below the junk will start to revel itself.

    Cool story about the cemetery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bell-Two View Post
    man that's a lot of digging!
    I agree !! but you got a lot of interesting finds and cleared some of the other targets out of the way for the machine.
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    Holy flashback! That Matchbox fire truck in the second photo shot me right back to the 60's. I had one just like it when I was a kid that I bought at the five and dime.
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