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Thread: Putting in my two cents worth

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    Putting in my two cents worth

    Got out to pop some plugs with freemindstuck over the last few days and along with the usual pile of finds I managed rarity and two firsts in one first square token and my first two cent token.....all in one!
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    So freemindstuck dug in to the research and found that D.C. Whites was one of the First businesses here in our home town and opened in 1880.

    The day before we hunted a private yard in the tiny town of Davis City IA and popped a five cent token local to that town.
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    Incidentally freemindstuck dug a great looking WW2 medal in the same yard.......the first thing he said to me instantly was "I wonder if the lady that lives here husband was in the military?"
    He was......and let me say that the nice lady that let us hunt her yard (now widowed 9 years) was VERY grateful to have that memory back!
    Kuddos and good detectorist karma to freemindstuck for helping to keep the integrity in our hobby!

    Also posting this button/pin pulled yesterday that I found interesting
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    Barely visible it reads "Prescott Country Club" around the top has the pine tree in the middle and says Arizona at the bottom.

    Thanks for looking and "Coil to the soil people"
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    Very cool tokens, I really like the 2 center

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    Love those tokens, which we had them out this way.
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    I love old trade tokens and those are some nice ones, especially the square 2-center!

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    Love the tokens.

    Your button/pin I believe to be a place marker for golf.
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    Those are some great items. And I'm glad the WWII medal made its way home again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobW View Post
    Love the tokens.

    Your button/pin I believe to be a place marker for golf.
    Wow.....great id on that! Thanks! Me not being a golfer I would have never made the connection!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skamaniac View Post
    Those are some great items. And I'm glad the WWII medal made its way home again.
    The smile on her face was our excitement to return it we both forgot to snap a picture!

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    Thanks for the banner space!
    I'm Honored!

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    I think what you are calling a button pin may be a ball marker. Nice finds, congrats. Safe & HH

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    I love how old the square 2 cent token is and how it relates to local history. I have yet to dig a square one. Still feeling a bit envious!
    The smile on the ladies face when I gave her husbands WWII medal back made it totally worth it.

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    great token Driftwood
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