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    Fun New Token

    I found this token today while hunting with driftwood and his son. The token threw me a little because I couldn't find it in any token database. It is about the size of a silver dollar. I eventually found this advertisement in an April 1975 Illinois newspaper. I believe it's an advertising/goodluck token, but whatever it is, it's fun.
    Thanks for looking
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    Very cool

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    Very Cool Token. I've never seen one like that before.
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    That is the coolest token I've ever seen! "Roistering hornets" is my new favorite term.
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    Too funny. Someone must have had a tender rump when they found out they lost their cool token.
    This has to be them:

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    Nice find and bet it put a smile on your face. Safe & HH

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    Pretty cool find. Congratulations.
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    Ha! That is a cool find. My type of humor also.
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