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Thread: The finds from my first 3 weeks of hunting.

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    The finds from my first 3 weeks of hunting.

    I've spent about 40 hours (really addicted already) hunting over the last 3 weeks since I got my first ride, a BH QD2, and this is what I have so far, besides the usual bottle caps and other "junk". All of these finds are from my yard or mostly a local park.

    20 plus Wheaties. 6 found in a stack at the park.

    Name:  20140708_110838.jpg
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    A drummer boy with a defect from my yard.
    Name:  20140708_111324.jpg
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    Also from my yard a war alloy nickel.
    Name:  20140708_111109.jpg
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    Misc. pieces of jewelry all found near the walking path at a local park. The little gold lump on the surface.
    Name:  20140708_110619.jpg
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    And my first 3 silver. All found at the park the murc and quarter on one day last week.
    Name:  20140708_111222.jpg
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    Back to reality and a heavy workload from the remainder of this month but hopefully I can get out some.


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    Looks to me like you are off to a great start. on all your keepers and keepem coming.
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    Only 3 weeks and you are already making finds like a pro! Good job and it only gets better as you learn the "language" of your machine. I predict you'll upgrade to an e-trac in 1 year! HH, Dave.
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    Nice finds. Great job on the 1945 War Nickel and Silver coins.
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    Holy cow, man! I'll be asking you for advice before long! I've skirted around war nickel years but still looking for my first. Great start!
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    Congrats and best of luck for continued success. Safe & HH

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    You have done really well for just beginning. You already have silver, jewelry and wheats. A lot of people go a long time before getting their first silver. Nice job Paul.
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    You definitely are off to a good start. I live in Glen Ellyn, Illinois maybe we can meet some time for a hunt or two.

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    Well, well, well.... I'd say your doin' pretty darn good!!

    I, like many others, hunted for quite awhile before I dug my first silver coins.

    You even got a few nice pieces of jewlery too!
    I think I see some stamps on the hoop earring. Is it a kart mark by any chance? Or is a Avon?
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    It looks like you're doing great for 3 weeks of hunting for sure congrats on some great finds there

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    Thanks to all for the compliments and encouragement!

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    Some nice finds thats a good pile of Wheaties already it never gets old to me digging up Wheaties
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesdore View Post
    Some nice finds thats a good pile of Wheaties already it never gets old to me digging up Wheaties
    Which of the silvers was your first? mine was a 54 Rosie
    The Rosie was also my first...

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