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Thread: New to the form, from California (29 Palms)

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    New to the form, from California (29 Palms)

    Hi all, I just wanted to say hello from the scorching California desert. My name is Brian, Ive been detecting since I was 12 (29 now). Current Detector is the awesome CTX-3030. Hope to learn and share here and maybe even find a hunting buddy. Thanks in advance for the warm welcome

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    Hi Brian. Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois
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    Welcome. I look forward to seeing what you find over there!

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    Welcome to the forum from Kalamazoo Michigan

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    Welcome to the forum Brian , feel free to post some of your best finds for us to gander at and stay cool and hydrated out in them parts .

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    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to reading your posts.

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    Hello and welcome from Washington state. Rode my motorcycle through Twentynine Palms and Victorville a few years back. Hottest places on earth is what I was thinking. Probably some good metal detecting though!
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    Welcome from Illinois!

    You definitely have the machine to do the job!

    I am amazed at the quality finds that can be made in California. There is a guy on YouTube named Ron Swenson who does extremely well there.

    Best of luck with your CTX 3030 and we are looking forward to your participation on the forum!
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    Welcome aboard from western MAThe CTX is a good machine. Hope it does well for you.
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    Welcome Brian. Looking forward to seeing some of your CA finds.

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    Thank you all for the welcome

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    Here's another welcome from western MA. Very good machine you have there. Looking forward to your future posts and feel free to show us some of your better past finds.
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    Hello and Welcome from Ohio
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    I hope you get some rain out there Welcome from New England!
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    Welcome and best of luck. Safe & HH

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