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Thread: Awesome Pocket Spill

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    Awesome Pocket Spill

    I was detecting my way through the woods along a stone wall headed for a cellar hole and Bam 13/45 out of nowhere. Usually an old beer can for me but not this time. The coins are a 1798 1/2 Reale, 1816 LC, a no date Drape Bust LC and a smooth copper. Stuck the probe in the hole and they just kept coming.
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    that is a great spill Todd , through a bit of silver in that and your right it counts as "awesome " in my book too.
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    Beyond awesome Todd. That DB looks nice!
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    Whoa. That's fantastic!
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    That is an awesome old coin spill That 1/2 Reale is Sweet
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    amazing spill! bet that guy was spillin some tears after losin that
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    That was a fantastic spill. People dream about a spill like that. Great Job & Congrats
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    Yep, just shakin my head, that is one amazing spill! You ever make it to the hole?

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    Golly Todd that is a fantastic spill. Spanish and Large Cents.... I would be dreaming about that one for awhile!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OxShoeDrew View Post
    Yep, just shakin my head, that is one amazing spill! You ever make it to the hole?
    No I never did. I spent time right in the area circling and then said to myself. How much better is this gonna get? Time to go home.
    Thats my 4th Reale for the year!!!
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    Wow. That's a crazy bunch there. Guessing the smooth one is a CT copper since the rest of them are within 18 years of each other. Silver seems to be most forgiving in the ground here. I've gone along the stone walls and yet to find stuff near any of them. What made you dig if you thought it was an old beer can? Obvi it paid out to dig. Let me know if you need help with the cellar hole.
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    Now that surely does beat a beer can any day. Great coins, all of them.....
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    Way to go! Not even a remote chance of a spill like that in these parts!
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    That is one crazy pocket spill. Awesome. Safe & HH

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    Fantastic Todd and happy for you. Man, makes me want to start searching all the stone walls I walk along to the cellars now.

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    Wow, now that is an old spill! Nice find!
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    Todd coils apparently over the only coins in the whole woods! We spent hours there afterwards and found nada.... It was a great discovery...

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    A great discovery! Todd coils apparently swung over the only coins in the whole woods! We spent hours there on another day and found nada.

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    Nice pocket spill to find, hope you get an ID on the worn down/coated copper...

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    WTG Todd! That's AWESOME!
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