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Thread: MXT Relic-Hunt

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    MXT Relic-Hunt

    Yesterday we had really nice weather. So decided to do some metal-locating on farmland as long as it is not plowed and seeded.
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    Two weeks ago the MXT did very good at the beach with the new 950 coil, and now I thought it's time to bring it to the farmland.
    Hunting this field every now and then and it brings up some good target from time to time.
    Had the MXT in Archeologist Mode which I like most of all. After 2 hours and digging some foil, shrapnels and some other stuff it was time to quit
    and call it a good day.
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    The half coin reads the word HAMM and the last two numbers of the year 17.
    Right now I've no guess about this.

    That was some fun. -happy hunting

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    Wow, I guess you found a cut german III pfennig. That is awesome! Nice job!
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    Does that make it 1717? Jeez! Very nice.
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    Congrats on the pfennig. That's a sweet find!
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    Nice old pfenning. The weather in the picture looks great, just right for a relaxing day of detecting.
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    Congrats...what a unique coin find! Nice job on the ID! Yes I guess judging from the picture in the link the coin must have been a 1717.

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    Looks like a good day to me!
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    nothing more relaxing than a beautiful day detecting congrats on the finds Vito
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    Very nice !
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    Many thanks for ID'ing, Drew. And many thanks for all your replies. Yes, it was a good day and it was really relaxing in the late afternoon, blue skies and sunshine, a detector and a place to hunt. Could be a few more of these days.
    Mailed the story and pictures to the archeologist yesterday evening and they'll let me know if they know for sure. So...this will be my oldest one for now.

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