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Thread: Annual Road Trip to Ohio with Tony Two-Cent--Best Finds EVER!

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    Annual Road Trip to Ohio with Tony Two-Cent--Best Finds EVER!

    Hey Diggers,

    For the third year in a row, Tony Two-Cent and I have driven to Ohio to try to find the older coins that we just can't find here in Illinois. Each year we meet up with the other Tony (Bell-Two) and he graciously shows us around to a few spots. This year was no exception. Bell-Two took us to several parks that he has found good coins at. He also gave us a lead on a pre-Civil War park. This park has been heavily hunted but good coins can still be found there. Thank you SO MUCH Tony for your kindness and generosity! It is always such a pleasure to see you and Diane and look at your latest treasures.

    The next day, Tony Two-Cent and I departed in the pouring rain for the old park. It was a dreary ride with rain and fog the whole way. Miraculously, it stopped raining just as we pulled up to the park! The sun came out and we hunted under ideal conditions. It took me an hour just to find my first old coin. It was a 1929 mercury dime that was hidden with some rusty nails.

    My next find was the best find of my metal detecting career! I got a weak 12-40 at 10 inches deep. There was several nails giving off falsing all around the 12-40 signal but it was repeatable so I dug. After scooping out 9 inches of dirt and rusty nails, my probe still showed a 12-40 signal at the edge of the hole. Definitely a wheat penny I thought. My next scoop of dirt revealed a large silver disc. I immediately recognized the image! I started screaming for Tony to come over and see what was in the hole! I could hardly breathe & my heart was beating so fast.

    Here is the pictures of my best find so far:

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    The rest of the week is pretty much a blur but we hunted so many old parks, schools, and even some door knocking. Tony is a great friend and detectorist and I very much enjoy his company and fellowship as we treasure hunt. Here are some of my other good finds. I don't even know how many wheat cents I found. I still need to do a lot of cleaning! Thanks for looking and HH, Dave.

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    Thanks again Tony Two-Cent and Tony Bell-Two for a very memorable week!
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    Damn!!! What a trip!!! What a beautiful Seated Half and three 2 cent pieces... Congrats to you on a wonderful trip with great finds and most importantly great friends!!!
    I <3 colonial relics!

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    Dave , I've been waiting excitedly on this post for a few days now
    WOW Dave .... what a coin to find and you couldn't ask for better condition and a trio of two-centers well done sir
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    it sure looks like it was a good trip congrats on your finds

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    WOW!! Now that is a Road Trip!!
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    Holy ####...beautiful seated half!!!! Congrats on your great hunt
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    That's a beautiful half, and that 1865 2-cent is very clean! Congrats on the great scores!
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    Congrats on your splendid week, Dave! You found so many nice coins, but that Seated Half is off the charts! That's a coin that few detectorists will ever dig, especially in that condition. It must have been freshly minted when it was dropped. It was a real thrill seeing it in the hole, thanks for calling me over so I could witness it coming out of the dirt!

    On to the next!
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    Dave, what a beauty of a seated half. I can see why the rest of the week was just a blur. Nice going on getting 3 2 center's in just a week. Sounds like the two of you had a great trip and thanks for posting this.
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    Wow, wow and wow. What a super great road trip and hunt. Simply awesome finds. Congratulations.

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    What an amazing hunt you had. I bet your heart is still beating fast. I know mine would be. It's in incredible condition.
    That's a once in a lifetime BANNER find. And 3 two centers too. A well deserved Congrats to you Dave.
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    Man that is a gorgeous coin. Great detail as well. The 3 2 Cent pieces are pretty amazing as well. Great hunt you and Tony had. WD
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    What everyone else said and

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    Look at that Seated! You got a time machine? Looks like it was a fresh drop! Love all of the other finds as well!
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    Super job bouys. Very very nice!
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    Wow that is a dream coin and its in beautiful condition and to find a 2 cent piece is awesome but to find 3 in a week is absolutely amazing you and Tony had a great week of detecting
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    Dave that seated half is simply mind blowing. I don't know how you kept detecting after that! The three centers are also amazing and I know how rare they are (I was lucky enough to find my first two this year) but man that seated half is spectacular. I don't know how you could ever top that find. I would actually take that over a Morgan or Peace Dollar any day! Major congrats!

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    Now THAT is an interesting park to hunt !!!!

    Congrats on the Seated half and the 3 (!!) 2 cents !

    Thanks for sharing.

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    A 155 year old coin in amazing condition. That is a beauty. Congrats
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