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Thread: Thank You Minelab!

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    Thank You Minelab!

    The first day out with my new Minelab Safari and I found 1910 wheat penny. On my forth day I found three more pennies; 1909, 1912 and a 1920. On my seventh day of hunting I found the coin below.Name:  1891 seated liberty dime 005.jpg
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Size:  51.3 KBName:  1891 seated liberty dime 012.jpg
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    Congrats on a great find! Looks to be in very good shape too. HH, Dave.
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    That's a real beauty , nice pic's too ! Huge Congrats !

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    Very Nice! Congrats!!

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    Congrats Dentron, awesome find! I just bought a new Safari as well. I can say that of all the machines ive owned.... it is far superior. Traded in my AT pro for it, and so glad I did!
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    Thanks all for the nice words.

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    Great looking seated, congrats!

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    Beautiful seated dime, congrats!

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