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Thread: American Detectorist 5th Anniversary Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

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    Here are the secret bonus prizes that will go to Trooper Bri for winning the second part of the contest:

    Two really nice Barber Dimes and an American Detectorist hat.

    Name:  1906_barber_dime.jpg
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    Name:  1911_barber_dime.jpg
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    Name:  american_detectorist_hat.jpg
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    Gaahh. All those dimes. About 100 off and about $10 low on price. Congrats Al, Scott, More, and Bri. Good contest. For the next one.

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    Congrats to all the winners. Here's to many more years of AD.

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    Face value of the coins I would guess is 372.50

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    i guess my last stab was a bit off and too late. Congratulations to all the winners!

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    Well, I guess I'll have to try harder next time. Nice contest. Fun to look at this Forum especially today when it's -2 deg F. in Aurora, CO. Yuk!


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    Alright, my silver count for 2014 got a nice kick in the pants, and a hat in my favorite color!

    Thanks again guys, and thanks to DaddyDigger for putting up that sweet hammered silver.
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    I think face value is 237.60. Thanks

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    congrats and thanks!
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