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Thread: Today and the past weeks hunts at Several Cellars

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    Today and the past weeks hunts at Several Cellars

    This past week I went metal detecting at a few cellars. On Tuesday I met up with fellow detectorist and member of the forum Sam. We hit up a few cellar holes in Massachusetts but didn't really find much. Most of the cellars were either hunted out or trashed. I did get what looks like a dandy button and a relic with the words Pat. 1867 on it so that's pretty cool. Sam found part to a reins guide. On Friday Sam met me in snow covered Northern Rhode Island to detect another cellar. It was close to the road and was hunted before. We found some shot gun shells, brass shell casings and stuff. I did manage to pull a flat button with a backmark that reads "London Superfine Colour" which is pretty cool. I also found an old pocket knife. Today I went out by myself to another cellar in the woods. Its been hunted hard before, the lack of targets and the iron left on rocks was the telltale sign. I found some iron but was able to find what looks like a Victorian era umbrella relic. I also got a button with what looks like a G on it but its in terrible shape. Hopefully can get to some better sites in the upcoming days. Happy hunting everyone! Name:  IMG_4304.jpg
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    Hey Dirtdigger, too bad we couldn't get together this weekend. Maybe next weekend. I bet you can find what was patented on April 2 in 1861. Nice pics!
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    Nice to see that you are still getting out. A back marked button and anything with a patent date on it are good finds in my book. Looking forward to your future finds.
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    Nice finds, it is nice to see such posts showing that wonderful things don't have to be coins or jewelry or such. Thanks!
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    cool finds,tough when cellar holes are pounded but ya braved it out and found a few keepers.I dont think thats a G in the center of button but,rather a circular "target" like pattern that starts in center and goes all the way out to edge
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    Good to see you got a few keepers despite the heavily hunted nature of the sites. Goes to show you there's always a few more goodies lying in wait at most sites.

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