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Thread: Outlaw?

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    I'm researching detectors and see the newest offering from Tesoro is the Outlaw. Does anyone here own one? Better yet has anyone here been able to compare the Outlaw with Tesoro's other the Vaquero? I had a lot of time logged with the Vaquero,Cibola and the Tejon. I was considering the Outlaw as a sort of all terrain detector and going back to the Tejon as my primary relic machine. Main reason being, the Outlaw seems like one heck of a deal, especially with the 3 coil package. If the Outlaw's recovery speed,depth and operating stability is comparable to the vaquero, it would seem like a no brainer as to which machine to pick.

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    Sorry guy, I have no experience with Tesoros. I only know ACE 250 and E-Trac.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyDigger View Post
    Sorry guy, I have no experience with Tesoros. I only know ACE 250 and E-Trac.
    No problem. How do you like that E-trac? Only Minelab I've ever owned was a Sovereign GT and she was a beast. Bit difficult for me to learn, but when it "clicked", she was a coin findin SOB.

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