Isaac, Sam, and I had been planning to do a group hunt when Isaac arrived in CT in December. Yesterday we followed through with those plans. I woke up very early and was on the road before the first light arriving at Isaac's house in CT before 8 am. After some brief chit-chat and meeting and greeting Isaac and I were soon off to cellar hole that Isaac had been talking about for months. We arrived at the parking spot and decided to try and find the cellar to pass the time because Sam wasn't coming for a little while. Well, after a few wrong turns we finally reached the cellar. We headed back because Sam was already in the parking lot. Soon we had all our gear together and headed to the cellar hole. We took a group picture and then began detecting. Isaac and same both got buttons before I even got my first non-ferrous signal. I finally got a super iffy signal dug and was rewarded with a nice shoe buckle fragment. I have found so many fragments, one of these days I am going to find a complete one. Sam and Isaac found a few more buttons and stuff but we decided to move on to another location further into the woods. We eventually come upon two cellar holes and start detecting around them. At first I was getting mostly trash but pulled out a nice small two piece button. As we were detecting, We observed another detectorist across the river from where we were. We never interacted with him as I think he left soon after we saw him. Anyway, several trash targets later I pull a nice flat button with the words "Gold Colour Gilt" on the back and a checkered design on the front. Following that signal I didn't really get much else for a while except for a modern Yale Key and an old lock. We move on down towards the river and Sam digs an old plated spoon. We start to wander back toward the trail and I get a slamming high signal only about 2 inches deep. I am sure its gonna be trash but I dig my plug and see a copper disc inside the hole. I shout out "I've got a copper!" and Isaac and Sam run over to see my discovery. The copper is an 1834 Matron Head Large Cent ! I was so happy to find a copper, somebody must have missed this signal before. A little while later I get another high tone near the base of a tree but it turns out to only be a small piece of brass. We start to make our way back toward the original cellar but not too far away from the two cellar complex I get an amazing high tone. Sam and Isaac both watched me dig the hole expecting a copper or a complete shoe buckle. To our disappointment it was only a large brass object that I have yet to identify. We head back to the orginal cellar and just as Isaac is about to search for a signal in a hole, he realizes his lesche is gone! While Sam and Isaac were out looking for it I continued detecting and got a nice silver plated cuff button. That was basically it for the finds. We were expecting more but still had a lot of fun and its always great to pull a copper out of a hunted out site. It was a very long and tough hike but I would do it again. Thank you Isaac for inviting me to one of your spots. I hope to detect with you again soon. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Name:  IMG_4795.jpg
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